Friday, September 18, 2009

History Highlights

We're having a lot of fun with history as we begin our study of Early America with the Native Americans. Here are a few highlights of what we've done so far:

General read the Legend of Sleeping Bear (native lore from Northern Michigan); this is the artwork he made to accompany his narration.

We tried our hand at some authentic native recipes - this is Chippewa bread. Looks rustic, but tastes pretty good - basically it is cornmeal pancakes.

We read several library books about the different regions of American Indians, and we'll be focusing on the Eastern Woodlands tribes. Rose and General are making a map of the regions for their history notebooks (& geography ;).

Some more mapwork, this time for background info on the novel/bio we're reading - Father Marquette and the Great Rivers. The story will take us through Michigan, Wisconsin & Illinois in many areas familiar to all of us - just makes it even a little more interesting!

One more native recipe, this time from the Southwest - Navajo "fry bread." The kids love tacos, so we had to try this one out...turns out that tacos, as we know them, came from the southwestern Indians (and probably Mexican Indians, too). This is the authentic bread they used - reminds me a lot of the thick tortilla on a Taco Bell gordita. Apparently the usual taco meat we cook today isn't too different from what they cooked, although they used a lot of beans (like refried). It was delicious!!

So there is a little peek into what we've been doing. Next week we'll get started on some native Amer. crafts...Princess is all about making the clothes and jewelry, and General really wants to make a bow and arrow (not cardboard and foil, that "really works!"). Should make for some interesting posts in the near future!


  1. What very interesting subjects and projects you're making! General's artwork and narration are amazing and colorful, too. And what good cooks... the food looks yummy. Princess' map skills look very detailed. Can't wait to see clothing, jewelry and REAL bow and arrows :>)

  2. A friendly hello from Uncle Doug!
    He viewed your blog today and thought it was nice - including the children being so pre-occupied in their topics as shown!

  3. What a delightful post! Everybody looks so interested - and why wouldn't they be? You've taken 'devouring your subject' to a totally new meaning!


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