Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monkey Tales

It had been a long one-of-those-days, and it was already dark outside when dinner was over. The kids had run off to make the most of free-time before bed, and the only two of us left in the kitchen were Little Monkey and me. As I finished up the last load in the dishwasher for the day, suddenly I heard, in his authoritative, I-mean-business-voice, Little Monkey yelling, "Mine! Mine!! MIIIIIIIIIINE!!!" I looked up from the dishes to see who on earth he was yelling at, as I thought for sure everyone else had gone. He was standing in front of the sliding glass door, holding his beloved teddy-bear, face flushed and veins popping, getting ready to pick a fight with the baby in the reflection who also happened to be holding his Bear! (Nobody messes with the Bear!)


  1. Can't wait for our dinner time... so I can tell a "Little Monkey" story (formerly called J & J stories). We always love to hear a great story from your house. We delight in the kids, too!

  2. I can't decide whether to say 'poor little guy' or to have a good laugh! You've got to admire his fortitude. Dog-tired and yet ready to put up a fight for Mr. Bear. He's got the 'right stuff'.


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