Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Best Kind of News ;)

I've been bursting at the seams - literally ;) - to add a special little bit of good news to my list of things to blog about. And now that we've made our little secret known to all of our loved ones - the time has finally come to make my "official" announcement here: we are expecting another baby!

Last Thursday I went to the doctor for another checkup...and after having a bit of a rough first semester, it was so reassuring to hear the baby's heartbeat, loud and strong! Early on in the pregnancy, I had experienced some of the symptoms of a miscarriage (minus the cramping) for a little less than a day. Not sure what was going on, I went in for an ultrasound ...and to the doctor's and my surprise, we saw two pregnancy "bubbles" - twins! But it was apparent that one baby had stopped developing and was already "vanishing." The other did not appear to have a heartbeat, and for a couple of weeks, we were thinking the worst while praying for the best. I was so nervous when I went in for ultrasound #2 - I was nine weeks by that point, and there would be no mistaking a heartbeat this time, if one was to be found. But the baby was there - looking big and fat compared with what we were squinting at to see the first time! Most importantly, we could clearly see that little heart beating away. What a relief - and what a blessing; God truly has been kind to us and has blessed us with another child to love. It is a strange feeling, though, to be mixed with the bittersweet sadness of knowing that another has been lost. This much I am sure of - we will have our own little "angel" in heaven to meet someday and I find much joy in that!

I am 14 weeks along now, and the doctor said that the pregnancy looks good and strong - there should be no worries from here on out! I've had a few different due dates along the way, but we've officially settled in on April 15. I have yet to actually make it to a due date with my babies, so I am thinking it's better to just say "sometime in April." We'll see!

This is a prayer recently posted by Jessica over at Shower of Roses that has been very comforting to me; it is so beautiful, I wanted to include it here, too.

Prayer of a Mother With Child

Lord God, Creator of all things, I give this baby to Thee, O Jesus, that she may be more Thine than mine. Look upon her, even now, as Thy beloved child. Prepare this little soul and enrich her, that she may be a worthy tabernacle for the Holy Ghost. Sanctify me that I may sanctify this baby and that all of us – I, the baby, her father – may sanctify each other. Increase Thy life in me, in order that my little baby may benefit from the overflowing grace in the soul of her mother. Please accept and sanctify my discomforts, now and in the days to come, which I, as a mother, wish to offer Thee. Amen.


  1. Congratulations Collette! That is such wonderful news!!

    I know what you mean about how reassuring it is to hear the little ones precious heart beating. After miscarrying our last, I look forward to hearing that sound at each check up this pregnancy. =)

    I will remember you and your little one in my prayers. God bless!

  2. It is a beautiful prayer. We are expecting baby number 8 in February and the prayer has been a great comfort to me too.

  3. Awe, wonder, delight - This is what I feel when a new baby is expected. Awe at our wonderful Creator God; wonder at who this little new person will be; and delight at the prospect of getting to know him/her and at the chance to love more.

    Now here's a thought: not only are you bringing a new life into the world, but you are also bringing an increase of love into the world. There is nothing we need more.


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