Monday, October 26, 2009

D is for Ducks, Dancing and Doughnuts

After a bit of a Delay Due to the flu going around our house - we managed to finish up our Delightful D week! Here are some pics:

~ Ducks in Literature ~

~ Rose read this one to Mom all by herself! Yay! ~

~ D is for Dancing ~

~ General's and Rose's renditions of the pics above...Rose chose the ballerina from the Degas painting (naturally!) and General chose the Chinese dancer ~

Thankyou to Jessica at Shower of Roses for another great D-Week art project idea: Decoupage boxes made with Flower Fairy decals (found at Michael's). This was SO much fun - and the kids were thrilled with how their boxes turned out! Of course, General chose a different theme for his box...

I wanted to include lessons of some things all girls need to know about, along with our weekly letter-study... so this week in "home-ec's" we learned about Dusting, Doing the Dishes and Diapering Babies...of course, we used a Dolly for the diaper lesson, so we also played Dolls for awhile, too :)

~ Dusting~

~ Doin' the Dishes ~

~ There also happened to be a load of Dish towels that needed to be folded :>) ~

~ Changing Diapers...something Rose will be a good helper for, next April! ~

~ This is a special quilt made for Rose when she was a baby by Aunty is mostly white, so I've been saving it for when she was seemed like a good day to bring it out for her - and it's the perfect size for her Dolls ~

~ D-Week Recipe: Delicious, Decadent Doughnuts! ~

(Rose wasn't so sure about the chocolate sauce!)

We topped the warm doughnuts with vanilla ice cream, the chocolate ganache and some whipped cream - WOW! Delicious!!

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  1. Wow! I didn't know D was such an interesting and useful letter - and delicious, too. I really liked your art projects. The dancers are so well done and the boxes are spectacular. I especially liked the touch of putting some pictures INSIDE. I give you guys an A++ on your projects!


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