Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monkey Tales

Poor Little Monkey has a nasty case of the flu! He's been pretty sick - I spent the entire day yesterday just holding him. If I tried to set him down even for a minute, he would unravel into tears. It is because of days like yesterday that I am so thankful for Barney videos!

In the meantime, Daddy graciously offered last night to sleep on the couch so Little Monkey could sleep with me and I could keep an eye on his fever. Thankfully, the fever broke sometime around 3 AM - what a relief to see the twinkle return to my little buddy's eyes! However, his mischief returned, too, and I learned a little bit about how the mind of a Little Monkey works!

For example, if you are a Little Monkey and you are wide awake at 3 AM with nothing interesting to play with, what should you do? Very simple - take the ribbon on your Bear and try to stuff it up a sleeping Mommy's nose. This can be lots of fun!

If you are a Little Monkey and it is 4 AM and your bottle is just a little bit out of your reach on the bed, what do you do? No problem - take your Bear and bonk Mommy on the head with it while saying "Ma!" until she wakes up and she can get it for you!

If you are a Little Monkey and it is 4:3o AM and you discover that your bottle needs another refill, what do you do? This solution is highly effective - take the bottle and konk Mommy on the head with it saying "Ma!" until she wakes up and gets you a refill.

If you are a Little Monkey and it is 5 AM and your blankets and pillow are all twisted up and you need to be rearranged, what should you do? Take your Bear (since Mom took the bottle away), bonk Mommy on the head with it saying "Ma!" until she wakes up and gets you all comfy again!

If you are a Little Monkey and it is 5:30 AM and it is finally time for Mama to get out of bed to iron Daddy's work clothes and eat some breakfast, what do you do? That's an easy one - fall fast asleep in her arms so that she can't move without waking you up!

I do not know HOW he manages to survive in his crib all alone every night! I am afraid this smart Little Monkey might decide that he prefers the 4-star service in Mom's room a little's hoping for a better night's sleep tonight! But for now, I need to go find some Tylenol - I have a headache!

Looks like his appetite has returned!


  1. I was randomly looking at blogs on the site and came across yours. I am a hs mom of 5 kids, congrats on the news of the new baby. Would love to hear back from you. Have a blessed day!

  2. I am so glad the Little Monkey is feeling better. The many uses of Mr. Bear always amazes me!


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