Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had such a fun day together! The weather was a little chilly - but sunny and beautiful. And since the holiday fell on Saturday this year, we had plenty of time to visit both Grandmas and even make a stop by Aunty Karen's house - who lives about an hour away and definitely wasn't expecting us. Rose was really hoping that she wouldn't recognize the kids in their costumes....she got her wish! It was a good surprise - and so nice to be able to visit a little bit too :)

This year, Rose was an angel. We had such a busy week, I didn't have time to sew her costume until after Little Monkey was in bed on Friday night...I didn't have a pattern, either, so I was a little worried if it would come out right! But it did - and it was a little snug - but we got it on.

~ I found garland with stars for her halo - it stayed in her hair surprisingly well ~

Little Monkey was Cowboy Monkey for the day. I unpacked General's old cowboy sweet to see them on another little boy! However, he refused to wear the boots and he'd only keep the hat on just long enough to snap a few pictures. The shirt was made for General's Halloween cotume five years ago, by my mom - he couldn't take that off!

And of course, the General was a soldier. Easiest costume ever - he only needed a little face paint and he was ready to go.

~ Some more pics from Grandma's house - she brought out the rocking horse for Cowboy Monkey. So cute! ~

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