Monday, November 16, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Monday, November 16, 2009

Outside my window...Cold, windy and gray, with a little's starting to look like a regular Chicago November! I can actually hear the wind howling.

I am thinking... about what it is going to be like having two little boys (and one bigger one :) in the house! I had an ultrasound last week and found out that Baby is a boy! I'm thinking he is going to be another busy one like Little Monkey...I've only been feeling movement for a couple weeks - but it is already strong and persistent. He was very active for the ultrasound, too - which is amazing, as always, to watch!

I am thankful for... my newly reorganized laundry-area, thanks to my hubby who hung up six much-needed shelves on the wall for me! What a huge difference a little order makes! Hoping to post a blog about it later...

From the learning rooms...Still moving slowly through the Alphabet Path - finishing up the letter G and starting on H this week.. working on General's first formal book report, getting started on our Astronomy book and squeezing in some good books about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. Maybe even a few pilgrim crafts and recipes, time permitting! Hoping to write a few posts later about this, too :)

From the kitchen...

Monday - baked ham w/pineapple, scalloped potatoes, hot buttered veggies, refrigerator rolls & salad...then ham sandwiches for lunch during the week (yum!)

Tuesday - sausage & egg casserole, muffins, fruit salad

Wednesday - pasta w/ parmesan chicken (frozen from Costco),buttered steamed veggies, salad and bread

Thursday - pizza & salad

Friday - tacos, spanish rice & veggies/dip

I am wearing... a denim skirt that is getting too snug for a growing, bouncy baby, white long-sleeve maternity Tshirt, purple maternity cardigan and warm slippers

I am creating... a decorative yet functional list of reminders for the laundryroom, to help little kiddos remember things like emptying pockets and turning clothes right-side-in. So far, I've typed it up in Word w/a cute font...planning to print it out on some nice paper leftover from past crafts, then frame it and hang it on the wall right about eye-level...we'll see if it helps!

I am going... to the library, but that is it! I ran all of my errands during the weekend - and it feels nice to have it all done before starting the schoolweek...although there are usually so many things that come up anyway ;)

I am reading... What to Expect When You're Expecting, yet again! I think I should have that memorized by now...

I am hoping... to start a bible study with some of my friends - maybe after the holidays.

I am hearing...the kids having fun playing in the living room...although their game is getting louder and wilder as I type - I'm guessing I have about 5 min left before its time to "see" what's going on :)

Around the house...we need to winterize the yard - put away all of the pots & hoses, cut back this summer's perennials, rake the leaves.....

One of my favorite things... the cozy smell of holiday candles - especially cinnamon/spicy/cranberry/apple/pumpkin... yum! (the pic above is from the At Home America their stuff! I'm thinking about hosting a party in the near future - we'll see!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: working on the budget, bills & related paperwork; trying out some Thanksgiving dessert recipes; starting my Christmas shopping online (preferably in my pj's!)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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  1. Collette,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. So funny about the dogs and babes : ) Ours is actually a Pudel Pointer, which is a German hunting dog. But she's as friendly as they come.

    I love your candle pic. Made me feel all homey when I stepped in the door : ) Will come back and look more soon : )

  2. I love the Daybook that you use! I am going to steal it and use it on some days!:)

  3. Can't wait to read yours! Of course, you're not stealing at all...I found the Daybook from someone else's blog, who probably found it from someone else... ;)


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