Thursday, December 3, 2009

E is for Eggs and F is for Flower Fairies

~ Letter of the Week ~

We've been so busy keeping up with school & everything that I haven't had much time to blog about what we're doing! So to catch up, I'm condensing a couple of weeks into one post...the "best of" E & F Weeks :)

~ In Literature: Some books we read -

~ E-Week Art Study -

"Brown and White Eggs", by American artist Brian Connelly

(Little Monkey's first painting :)

~ Flower Fairy Coloring Pages ~

~ E week Recipe - Egg Popovers ~

We've never had popovers before, and we weren't sure if we'd like them or not. But we gave them a try and then forgot to take a picture of the finished product - we ate them too fast!

~ E-Week Craft: Embroidery ~

I found a little embroidery kit on clearance at JoAnne Fabrics, which I thought would be fun to try out during E-week. I figured it would be something for Rose and me to work on together, to give her a taste of creative sewing, but that she might still be too young to do the stitches on her own. But to my surprise, she **loved** this and worked so hard on finishing her project during the week - all by herself (with some instructions from Mom)!

~ Finished except for the Lazy Daisy stitch ~

~ In Home-Ec's: F is for Floors - keeping them clean :) ~

~ And Feeding Babies ~

Little Monkey was more than happy to help us out :)

(He sneezed with some cereal still in his mouth :)

~ F-Week Craft: Flower Fairy Dolls~

These are from another kit I found at Joann Fabrics - they were so easy to make!

~ F-Week Recipe: Fruity Oatmeal Bars ~

We used apple-pie filling for this batch and cherry for another - both were yummy!

We are just about finished with H-week...more pics to come soon!

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  1. Where do I begin?

    The egg paintings are terrific - better than the original, being much more colorful! I enjoyed little monkey's impressionistic take, too.

    Rose's coloring is great as usual and the flower fairies are amazing - they don't look to easy to me! I see home ec is going good, too. The best part is seeing Rose working in one cute outfit after another!

    It's obvious Josh is really enjoying the food part of E and F week.

    The picture I like best is 'The Sneeze'. The expressions on their faces tell it all!


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