Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

In spite of another rough week of the flu (and pneumonia for poor General), I was able to find a few minutes between cooking up chicken soup and taking care of my unhappy kiddos to put up some of our Christmas decorations.  A bright spot in the week for everyone!  It was so nice to have something joyful and beautiful to think about!  Here are a few pictures that I thought would be fun to share!

~ our Nativity set...this is the same one my Mom used when I was a girl, and it has passed its way down to me. Now it brings me a lot of joy watching my own kiddos have fun setting up the pieces ~

~ our Advent wreath...this is our first year observing the four Sundays of Advent as a family. Traditionally the center candle is white, symbolizing Christ. I didn't have a white pillar, so I substituted the candy-striped one instead!  I really would have preferred plain white, but my children think it is beautiful and special - like the Christ child - and they can't wait to light it on Christmas morning, so I think it does a good enough job :) ~

~ Angel Chimes ~

Last week, we began our December devotions, which I'm including with our afternoon tea (or latte, or hot chocolate..) break. As a girl, my mom always had a Jesse Tree devotion for Advent. A really neat idea - for each day of Advent, there is a small Bible reading and devotion tracing the story of Salvation from creation and the first sin, through Abraham, Jesse, the patriarchs & David, the Old-Testament prophecies and culminating in the birth of Christ. Each lesson has a little Christmas-tree ornament symbolizing the story to be hung on a real tree, or pinned on a fabric tree. Years ago, I made a quilted version of the Jesse Tree to use with my own kiddos.  Here's a pic ~

~ We were missing most of the ornaments this year. Once the kids are feeling better, we're going to finish them up together! ~

I still need to get our Christmas cards in the mail and finish up the Christmas shopping, and I'm probably going to save most of our projects for next year. (I need to write them all down!) Hopefully next week we will all be well enough to make some Christmas cookies and start wrapping gifts. Tonight I plan on pulling out a favorite Christmas movies...we can snuggle up on the couch to watch Miracle on 34th Street and maybe sip on some echinacea tea.

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