Friday, December 11, 2009

Repurposed Wall Shelves for My Kitchen

I've been puzzling for a very long time over what do with a particular wall in my kitchen. It is unusual because of the large soffit that runs along the full length of the wall. Originally the space was filled-in by a back door, which we walled-over and replaced with sliding doors further down the wall, in the center of the room. This left behind a large, blank wall that is not quite part of the actual kitchen, nor part of the dining area. My budget for decorating is also very small right now, which creates an added challenge!

So here is the solution I finally settled on. Two years ago, my sister-in-law passed on to me a set of three pretty wooden shelves, which have been sitting in a closet ever since. I decided to hang two of them next to each other, making a nice ledge for seasonal displays. They were a little tricky to hang, requiring four extra hands (they were little hands) to hold them up while I screwed in eight screws per shelf. (Thanks, General & Rose!) Sixteen wooden plugs to cover the screws, a fresh coat of white paint - and they were good as new!

However, once they were both in the wall, it was pretty obvious they were not quite level. With so many screws already poking my wall, I decided to leave them alone and disguise the slant with an old-but-favorite quilted placemat. I think it did the trick! Then I pulled out a few candle holders not currently being used, and added a fresh winter garland along with my Christmas nick-nacks.

There is something very satisfying about finding new and creative uses for "old" things. I'm always amazed at how fresh they look just from being in a new arrangement.


  1. I love your shelves--never would have known they weren't even. Way to go on the disguise. I still can't tell they are not even! I couldn't agree more about how satisfying it is to use things you already have and create something beautiful--fro FREE. Good job.

  2. Those shelves look like they are going to be fun to decorate all year long. And they are up high enough to make it harder for Little Monkey to disarrange!

  3. LOL - yes, they are high enough! I know this because the first day I had them up, Little Monkey dumped out the kitchen toybasket, turned it upside down & climbed on top to try to reach them :)

  4. It looks great Collette! I have been doing the same lately..taking things in closets or on other walls in the house and putting them in new places. Its amazing how it changes everything! Hope you are all feeling better. Your blog looks really cute too! See you soon.

  5. Love the new look of the blog. I've been reading your RSS feed, so I didn't know you put a new header on there. Looks great! :) Now if you just had a DSLR....


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