Monday, February 8, 2010

Daybook - February 8, 2010

Outside my window... White crunchy snow glowing in the early morning light

I am thinking…  About this week's school lessons, Valentine's Day, decluttering & rearranging the kids' rooms, and so many projects that I hope to finish up before Baby arrives!

I am thankful for... a wonderful hubby who uses his precious spare moments to help me out with all of the above!

From the learning rooms… I'm starting a new math for Josh today - Teaching Textbooks.  It's a computer-based program, so he's been begging me all weekend to let him get started!  I'm hoping it will be something he can work on fairly independently, especially after Baby is here. :-)

I am wearing... PJ's, warm slippers, and my robe that is, thankfully, still fitting around my belly!

I am creating...  a denim purse, with Rose.

I am going...Today - library and grocery shopping.  Tomorrow I must go shopping for maternity clothes and to have my glasses fixed,  Thursday is co-op and Friday is my monthly checkup at the doctor.

I am reading... about homeschooling.

I am hoping... that my doctor might reconsider the due-date we're currently using.  Originally it was set for April 7, then changed to the 15th, now the 20th.  All of my babies have been born before their due dates, and based on how this pregnancy is feeling...I'm wondering if maybe I'm a little farther along than we think.  But isn't that every pregnant mama's hope!  :)  We'll see what he says on Friday.

Around the house...  We decluttered General's room and our storage room this past weekend; today I will be working on Rose's room.  If I can finish cleaning out & rearranging all of our storage this week, maybe next week I can begin working on painting and switching the kids' rooms around to make room for Baby!

Here is a picture-thought I am sharing...

moments like these are a homeschool mama's reward

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  1. It's wonderful to be expecting a new baby. We have a new great granddaughter. She is a beauty. I hope you have an easy time and a healthy baby. God bless you, Doylene

  2. I like it when you do these because it gives me a chance to "catch up." :) Sounds like you could have another little one sooner than you think! That means we need to get together before then. :) Glad you're well.


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