Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Monkey!

~ And Now He's Two! ~

A couple weeks have passed since my littlest buddy's birthday, but I still wanted to post a few pics from the big day.  General and Rose had a lot of fun planning a few surprises to help make the day special for their little brother.  They baked & decorated his cake, blew up a whole package of balloons (and then popped most of them...), and picked out their own gifts for him - a pillow from General and a set of duplos from Rose.  We also made homemade pizza for his birthday dinner - Little Monkey's favorite ;)

Also - a big thank you to my family who very kindly brought his presents to the Palm Sunday dinner...but the birthday boy had to stay home with Daddy because he was sick :(   I did take some pics from when he opened the gifts at home later that day, so everyone could still see his reactions.  He loves all of his new toys and he (as well as his older brother & sis) have been having a lot of fun playing with everything!

Thank you, Aunty Karen, Uncle Roger & "the Boys" for the duplos!  He loves to play with them!  (So does Mommy!)

Sorry about the blur!  Thank you, Aunty Bev, Uncle Bill & "the girls" for his Cubs hat, bat and ball!  He looks so cute in the hat (he even keeps it on!) and definitely knew just what to do w/the ball & bat. 

And thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for the car & truck play-rug!  He immediately put the rug on top of the train-table, where he likes to play with all of his cars and trucks - and he is convinced that the little signs are actually toy suckers :)

Here's to another wonderful year of watching you grow, Little Monkey!  We love you!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. Justin says... that kid is SO adorable! We're glad the toys could brighten his day. Can't wait to see him in person soon! Happy birthday, Little Monkey :>)


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