Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday, General!

Last Wednesday was General's birthday - he turned ten years old!  I am still shaking my head and wondering how that happened so fast.  Just yesterday, it seems, he was my sweet, snuggly, tender-hearted little boy...wearing his little denim overalls and charming all of us with his lively conversations.  Everyone said it would go by so fast - they were right!  He's definitely not so little anymore, or snuggly - and would never be caught wearing overalls...but he is still the same sweet, charming, talkative, tender-hearted boy that we've always known and loved.  And we are so proud of the bright young man he is becoming!  I just really hope the next ten years won't pass as quickly...

Here are a few photos from his birthday party...we forgot to take pictures, except for cake and presents!

On Wednesday, he requested mostaccioli, sausage, broccoli, salad & bread for his birthday meal.  After dinner we went shopping at Target so he could spend his birthday money and gift cards - and then finished up the night at Dairy Queen for banana splits and blizzards!

Happy Birthday, General!  We love you!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Josh from your No. 1 fan! It's been a great 10 years. I'm so glad I got to know you.


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