Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun with School Binders

It is always a challenge to find a good system for organizing the mountains of papers, projects and other classwork that my kids generate!  Last year I started using a simplified method of "notebooking" that has been working pretty well.  Basically, I just have each of my kids keep a sturdy 3-ring binder for each major subject.  Then we file all of their work in the appropriate binder, organized according to topics.  We'll keep the same notebooks through the years, gradually accumulating their research...and  eventually they will end up with their own original books.  Right now, they each have three binders - history, science and language arts.

I've organized the history notebooks with dividers broken down into a timeline.  To make these, I just used some plain cardstock left over from a craft and a three-hole punch.  Beginning with 2500 B.C. and ending with 2000 A.D., each divider covers 500 hundred years.  As we collect more topics, we can add more dividers, but this is plenty for now!

Our science notebooks are divided up according to each field of study, once again using my cardstock dividers.  Astronomy, zoology, botany, earth sciences (geology, conservation, weather, etc.), physical sciences (physics, electricity, magnetism, etc.), and so on.  I'm sure we'll rearrange these divisions as time goes by, too!

I'm still working at organizing our Lang. Arts binders, according to the Weaver program.  They will include things like spelling/vocab lists, their creative writing, and reading lists.

I found another homeschooling, blogging mom who also uses this notebook method - and she has a great idea for personalizing these binders!  You can customize the covers & spine of the notebooks, and I've always just written "General's Science", etc. on a piece of white paper.  Very boring!!  Kim over at Starry Sky Ranch wrote a post about how she uses pretty scrapbook paper to decorate her kids' binders.  What a great idea!!

So last week, the kiddos and I took a trip over to Michael's to pick out some fun paper.  Here are a few pics of how they turned out.

Rose's Notebooks

General's Notebooks


  1. Love the notebooks. I customized ours with their pictures printed on colored paper with their names at the top. I will have to post some pics. I love the scrapbook paper I may have to try that, just to change it up a bit. Right now I have just putting everything into one notebook for each child. I don't have a notebook for each subject but I need to soon. I just had to begin with new notebooks since they were full.

  2. Thanks, Heather! I like the idea of including their pictures - I will have to remember that for next year!


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