Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Fall in Photo

I confess I've fallen behind in my great intentions for post-writing this fall!  So, rather than trying to catch up (which would take too much time!), I'm simply going to show our past few months in photo...what pics I remembered to take, anyhow!  ;)

sticky apple peanut butter face

Up close, in case you didn't catch it before ;)

a still life of a typical school day...this was NOT posed!

~ Experimenting to see what happens if you build a house upon the sand ~

Even a cardboard house will stand firm on a foundation of rock!

spelling lesson with our All About Spelling curriculum

~ Backyard Nature Observations ~

~ doing school outside while the weather is still nice ~


~ Baking Pumpkin Bread with my own little Punkin ;) ~

He was so proud of his pumpkin bread!

haircut time!
 ~ Practicing giving speeches in honor of the upcoming elections ~

He literally had a captive audience!!

~ Baking a Carmel-Pecan Apple Pie ~

Going on a Date with my Honey for our Eleventh Anniversary!

~ Last Soccer game of the season...I finally remembered to bring my camera!  *whew!*  ~

the most fun 25 cents can buy... a stick-on moustache

~ That's All, Folks! ~

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