Monday, February 14, 2011

february art project ~ carved slate coasters

I am always in search of art projects that boys will enjoy as much as girls.  I especially love crafts that allow my children to explore a real skill - while making something useful.  There is just something very satisfying about creating something of value, with your own hands, that is both lovely and able to enhance your home in some way.

Who would've thought a $4 box of slate tiles could provide so many hours of enjoyment for my kiddos?  They really did work so hard on these!

First we coated the tiles with a sealer to bring out the deep coloring and shine.  As we began carving the layers away, the softer color of the natural stone underneath the surface made their designs "pop."  We also glued felt to the back of each tile as a surface-protector.

The lighter colored tiles seemed softer and easier to carve.  The light gray star is Little Monkey's (with a lot of help from everyone!) and the dark gray star is for Peanut (mostly made by Mom!).

The coasters were a surprise gift for Daddy, so we decided to make some special gift-wrapping for the set.  The kiddos really wanted to make a name for our art-project time, and so they (we) came up with "Four Arrow Studio."  Just for fun!


  1. A great project......A great name! Love the designs......Love the wrapping! Best of all is the handiwork. It's so carefully done and must have taken a long time.

  2. Wow - that was a lot of attention given to make such a cool surprise for their daddy! Guessing about the "four arrows"... are they referring to Daddy's quiver?

  3. Lol - the kids really just liked the idea of arrows (or any sort of weaponry for that matter!) but Mom may have been thinking of that as well, hehe :0)

  4. Wow, what a creative idea! Love them!

  5. These look really nice. I love art projects that are beautiful to adults, as well as to children!

  6. They are so beautiful! I always love this kind of projects which our kids are involved. It would improve your relationship with them plus you will have a new DIY product.


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