Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jesus Tree Leaves for Days 19-41

If this is your first time here, Welcome!  I have recently updated all of my Jesus Tree printables - which includes the correction of a few errors I found in the original Reading List, as well as a new set of Ornaments.  Click here to see the new printables.  Thank you!

Here are the rest of the pics for the tree leaves!  I've found the best way to print them out is to first save the images, then print from your files.  They should come out as 8.5 - 11" pages...if you just click the image & print from your toolbar, they might be automatically shrunk to more of a 4x6" page.

Here's my original post about this Easter Bible Study which I have hastily put together at the last minute, to use with my children.  I found this idea at the blog Shower of Roses...the author Jessica has recently posted links to other bloggers who have put together their own original printable images to use for a paper tree - I highly recommend checking these blogs out as they all have done a lovely job!

~ Days 19-24 ~

~ Days 25-30 ~
 ~ Days 31-36 ~
  ~ Days 37 - 41 ~


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