Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a little fun with fabric rosettes

  We're still waiting to see signs of spring flowers around our house...  so to help pass the time, we decided to have some fun making a few flowers of our own.

I have a growing pile of t-shirts in my recycle basket that I just can't bring myself to throw out.  I've been holding on to them, waiting for the right idea to come my way for re-using them.  I think I've found it!

Rose and I spent a few evenings trying out different tutorials until we found a method we liked...once we got the feel for it, these little flowers were super quick and fun to make. 

~ Here are our top favorite tutes ~

A few days later Rose completely surprised me with a pin of rosettes she put together all on her own...I really had no idea what she was up to!  She figured out how to cut a piece of fabric to use as a foundation for the flowers, and then found a large safety pin to attach it to her dress.

... I had a hard time getting her to smile BIG because she also just lost her other front tooth. :) ..


  1. oh my! my ella would love this -- so girly!

  2. Jenna, they are beautiful! Love what you did to your outfit!

  3. Oh Jenna, your pin is lovely! You are a girl after my own heart - a creative crafter!

  4. **(from Jenna :)**

    Dear Mrs. Bill (Grandma!)& Aunt Karen - thank you for your sweet comments...maybe we can have a sewing class together! Love, Jenna


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