Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a little something for you and for me

I love to post little notes of scripture in key places around my home.  Just little snippets of inspiration during our busy days to keep me focused on the important things.  I recently made this little note to keep on my nightstand, near my's the first thing I see when I wake up.  The bright, cheerful colors and hopeful words have been a helpful motivator to get myself moving in the morning.  To spend time with my Savior who loves me, praying over my family and our coming day.  I thought I'd share this with you, too!

I have saved this file as a .jpg image, so all you'll need to do is click on the picture below.  When it pops up in a new widow, you can print it from your toolbar/edit button.

You can print it on regular printer paper, as I've done in the photo above, and it will look nice all by itself.   Or, if you have cardstock or some other heavy-weight paper available, that works even better.  Below I used acrylic painting paper from our school cabinet and rounded the corners.  

In the top photo, I glued the paper to some leftover pretty wrapping paper I found in my closet.  I also glued the wrapping paper to a piece of cardboard underneath, for stability.  (I used the cover of the phone book, actually - its' just what I had on hand!)  I just used one of the kids' glue sticks to make all of these...but next time I think I'll use rubber cement or another paper-craft type glue because the paste left a lumpy surface under the paper.

For this one, I experimented with printing the image on tracing paper (also from the school cabinet).  It worked very well - I just needed to give it a few minutes for the ink to dry.  The blue paper came from a gift-bag that was too wrinkled on one side to re-use as such.  A dab of glue at the top to secured the papers.  Then I added a button to cover up the glue-spot, which I could see through the paper.


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  1. How nice of you to share, Collette!

  2. Thank you, Colette! You are so right - to spend some time with God is #1, and such a simple tool as this is one way we can make that connection as we move through our days. Thank you for the lovely gift to us all! (now, to find my new printer cartridge....)

  3. Love it!

    Love it more that I can print it here.

    Love it more, more that I can look over and be reminded of this each day.

    and, it's pretty:)


  4. Collette,
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I am going to print two copies, one to put near my bed and the other near the coffee pot.

  5. I think this is a great idea - placing verses of Scripture around your home to keep your focus on God and His Word. I know for myself, my day often gets so busy that I don't take the time to meditate on the Bible. Having these little reminders around would be a great way to jumpstart my thinking!

  6. Lecia, near the coffee pot is a great idea, lol! Going to do that too :)

  7. Thanks, Tracey! Hope it is helpful! :)

  8. Hmmm. Do you do Bridal shower invitations?

  9. That would be fun! LOL - but I'm not the only one in the fam who's been brushing up on their graphic design! ;)

  10. What a wonderful idea! And they look so pretty!! Visiting from Tracey's at Growing Girls. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to give this a try..I need all the reminders and inspiration I can get :)

    It's Grace

  11. Erin, it's nice to meet you! Glad you found this to be helpful :) I'm planning on posting more verses in the next few weeks as I make them. Going over to check out your blog, too :)

  12. I love it! They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your idea.


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