Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Love with Aprons

There is something special about a mama wearing an apron.  Just ask my three year old.

"Mom - is dat your special apwin?"   "Yes, honey, it is."  "Mom - what is your apwin for??"  (He smiles, because he knows exactly what my answer will be.)  "It's for mommy to bake some special cookies for her special little boy."  (Big smile accompanied by a big hug: )  "Mom - I wike your apwin!  It's pwitty!" 

I've been having more than a little fun sewing up a few vintage-inspired aprons, lately.  There are so many lovely little details in those old-fashioned patterns, and they are so much fun to wear!  In the aprons pictured here, I upcycled the fabric from a gently used duvet cover and a Tommy Hilfiger skirt, both found at a thrift store. 

a happy little ruffle

coordinating lining on the back

same duvet cover and pink skirt, but this apron's ruffle is made from an up-cycled buttercream-colored satin gown
matching satin sash

I had a hard time finding a way to take a photo of the entire apron by itself, especially showing the cute poofy bows in the back, so I will have to try and find a used dress-form, somewhere, for any future apron pics!

the front of the credit - Rose :)

Can't wait to get started on the next one!


  1. Yes,
    There is something VERY special about a mama wearing an apron:)
    You are on a roll girl!
    I am completely in love with your little pink ruffle of an apron.

    your doing a mighty fine job of modeling it too;)

    so sweet, cute, feminine and chic:)

  2. Oh Collette!!! I LOVE this! Your apron is beautiful; it is truly a work of art! You really should consider creating a whole line of aprons and selling them! I know I'd buy one!! :) Thanks for the inspiration!! I just wish I could sew!

    Take care,

  3. Oh, thank you, Amanda & Jennifer!! You girls are too sweet!

    Lol, Jennifer - I confess I do hope to oneday have a little etsy shop, just as soon as my little ones aren't quite so little...or maybe this summer during school break... If I make any extras to sell, I'll be sure to post about it :0)

  4. Wow, you are gorgeous!
    I really love aprons. I really love THAT apron. It's so pretty and feminine.

    I read a few posts back on your blog because I was enjoying it so much. I really like that one post where you were talking about how you can think of creative projects that could fill a year. I laughed because that's SO me. It's exhausting. I've finally had to give up and just do one a day while I have a toddler and baby.

    Isn't homeschooling with a toddler and baby just exhausting?!

  5. Lol, so true - it can be *very* tiring! Although I've gotta say, I'm finding it's actually getting easier now with 4 kiddos (since two of them are older) than when I just had the 2 (and they were smaller). Extra helping hands, you know? Right around age 8/9 is when I really started to notice the difference...hang in there, it will ease up for you too!!

    Glad you stopped by, Ariana!
    Have a great weekend!


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