Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A few weeks ago we piled in the car and took a little drive out to my sister's house for a Sunday afternoon visit.  Most of the whole family was Mom & Dad, brothers & sisters, neices and nephews... it was a beautiful, warm day - both inside and out!

My sister is an artMama, too.  She's always chosen to be at home - a homemaker, through and through.  Four handsome boys, mostly grown, have been the work of her dedicated Mama's heart for as long as I can remember ;)

Caring and giving, with a vision for loveliness of life and beauty of you can see, her home radiates all the warmth and color she brings to everyone around her!

Through all her days of growing a family, she has created a home filled with her special brand of joy and life as only a mama can do.  As a growing-up-girl myself, visiting at my big sister's house, I could see and feel all of this - & knew I wanted to do all of these things, too, with my own family someday.

It was her quiet way of passing on to me a view of true womanhood.  We girls are truly blessed to have a heritage of dedicated homemakers to look to - our Mom, aunts, & grandmothers -  who have chosen to keep this way of life alive and strong.  It sure is becoming harder to see it in our culture these days!

This spring and summer, now that my little one is not quite so little and it is much easier to get out and about... the kiddos and I are looking forward to spending many more warm afternoons with Aunty Karen  :)

♥ ♥ Thank you Karen, for your beautiful example to me, and now to my own little artMama-in-the-making.  Hope you have a joy-blessed day!  We love you!!!  ♥ ♥


  1. Sounds like your sister has left a beautiful legacy of what the true meaning of being a wife and mother is.

    You are so very blessed.

    What a sweet post to honor her:)


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