Thursday, May 5, 2011

just a few pics

sunrise from my kitchen window
I'm economizing on my posts today.  I wish, I wish I had more time for editing photos & typing out all of the posts I have written in my head.... but not this week!  So I'm writing a condensed version, instead. :)

Poor Peanut came down with another case of the flu...which the kiddos are passing around...again.  This poor little baby does not. like. being. sick.   My older three never seemed to notice as much - they would be very crabby, but still want to play or at least be distracted enough to forget about being sick.  But not Peanut..he just wants to be held and comforted....all day....poor pumpkin.  As frustrating as this could be....I have to admit I really don't mind it so much!   I'm making the most out of all this cuddle-time as I can, because my little boy is growing up so fast.  I know it won't be much longer that I still have a baby to cuddle with!

Here's a few pics of my much happier Peanut, before the flu came around!

The kiddos & I found this little hat when we were unpacking Little Monkey's old 12-18 month clothes for Peanut.  I forgot about this one!  Surprisingly, he didn't take it off - I think he kinda liked wearing it.  He sure looks like a big boy!

...he can't wait to get out and play with the big kids...

Little Monkey made this lovely little surprise for me!  What you are looking at is a thick layer of handsoap smeared all over the bathroom mirror.  I know I probably shouldn't have laughed or done anything to encourage LM in a situation like this, but how could I help it when he was so proud of himself!  "Mom!  Look - I a big helper!  I wash it for you!  I a big boy now!" 

So I took a few pics ;)

We have a beautiful, old dogwood tree that fills up our bedroom window.  The robins love to sit in its branches in the early morning hours and sing their songs....sometimes they can be pretty loud!  But it makes the most wonderful way to greet the morning...forget about alarm clocks!

The white flowers stand out beautifully against all shades of sky...I've been having a little fun trying to capture the colors in photo. 

...And last, but not least...

Yes, this is a picture of dirt!  General has been working VERY hard for the past week removing a TON of old rock from this section in our backyard.   He loosened up the soil, shoveled it into the wheelbarrow, and hauled it all to the back of the yard next to the shed - mostly all by himself, (with a little help from Dad)!  We are so proud of him!

What you see growing in the back corner is a white peony - right now, one of only two flowering plants on our whole property (the other is a daylily).  I'm so excited that we'll be able to do a little planting and color up our yard a bit this year...I've really missed having the color of the seasons around, and flowers to cut for the house!  This little spot is destined to become a little herb/perennial garden :) and we'll be putting in a border all around the deck as well.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. So sorry Paul was sick again :/ but I do love the pics of him in his really cool hat. He looks like he feels cool in his big boy hat! And Nick... wow, what a helper! The dogwood tree against the skyscapes are dramatic; and you've gotta love the clean palette of the dirtscape... ready to be splashed in colors and textures of a garden. Fun! (That was a lot of muscle, Josh!)


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