Thursday, May 12, 2011

A May Daybook

Outside my window...warm and misty, with gray skies that look like they might clear up and let the sun peek through, soon.  The blooms from my crabapples and dogwood tree are filling up my front windows, some of my favorite flower-weeks of the year!

I am thankful for... my kind-hearted, hard-working, godly, loving, caring husband.

From the learning rooms...we are winding down the school year, with only our math lessons and a few grammar lessons left to finish.  Makes for simpler schooldays!

I do have a few "fun school" projects lined up to keep the learning going through our summer...

...some art lessons from Drawing With Children...

... a few nature challenges from the Outdoor Hour...

...and at least a few sewing projects with Rose...

making as many aprons as we can - and at least a few matching mama/daughter sets
fabric flower hair clips and pins
purses and tote bags

From the kitchen...tonight I'm making lemon chicken and potatoes, with garlicky peas & artichokes.

A good friend of mine passed on the idea to make a binder of all my family's favorite recipes...organized into weekly meal plans w/pre-made shopping lists, to simplify my meal planning a bit.  Hopefully I will have that binder finished this weekend... thank you for the inspiration, Tammy!!

While sifting through my huge disorganized mess of recipes, I found one that I clipped years ago but never tried, for homemade banana cream pie - a fairly simple recipe which the kiddos helped me make last night & everybody loved it!  We might have to make it again tonight & try it out with strawberries...  I will definitely be posting this recipe soon ;)  Here's a quick pic...

I am wearing... my pj's right now :)  Today's outfit will be a pair of capri's with a blue tshirt and flip flops.  The kiddos are all in need of new summer clothes (except Peanut who has Little Monkey's hand-me-downs)....can't wait to find some garage sales this weekend!  And maybe I'll find a few more capri's for myself... ;)

A few projects I am working on... {when I have time, that is!}... sewing aprons, planting a vegetable garden and perennials around my yard, and organizing.

I am stay home today and get some work done.... but this morning, the kiddos & I will make the most of this beautiful weather & go out for a loooong walk.

I am reading...To Train Up A Child, Managers of their Homes, and Nourishing Traditions.

On my summer reading list... Mission of Motherhood, Large Family Logistics (the blog and the book!), Jumping Ship, Created to Be His Helpmeet, and Power of a Praying Mother... something tells me I might not be able to read this all in one summer, lol!

I am hearing...a quiet house - just the hum of the fridge...with a few happy squeals coming from Peanut's room since he's the only one awake.  The past few days of sunny warm weather & playing outside (yay!) have worn my kiddos out!

Around the house...sigh...things really could use a good scrubbing, but otherwise everything is basically in order... I am putting into practice the philosophy that house-cleaning is something necessary but unimportant.  Better to have dirty floors and happy kiddos than the other way around!

One of my favorite things...

...when my rough-and-tough three year old Little Monkey, all grubby from playing outside, brings me a bouquet of dandelions in a plastic kiddie cup filled with water....which he made all by himself.  He knows how to melt a mama's heart!

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

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  1. Drawing with Children looks like a good book. Both of my children like to draw so we may have to check it out.

    Just a few months ago I made a recipe binder and absolutely love having my recipes organized. It definitely makes meal planning easier, too.

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Some really good stuff brewing at the artmama's home;)

    I love reading day book entries.


    One of my favorite things too is those grubby little dirty hands bringing in flowers:)

    Such a cute shot Collette.

  3. Love this little glimpse into your day! So sweet!! I love the dandelion bouquet; I get those fun!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer :)

  4. Dandelion bouquets from little boys are the best! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Colette! Miss hearing your "voice" here -- I hope that your summer is going well!!


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