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2011-2012 School Year Curriculum!

 I love seeing what other homeschool families are up to....gleaning tips and ideas from other moms...reading about other curricula...and schedules...and routines...

And this week there's a link-up of not just ten homeschooling-blogging-mamas (which would be exciting)...not twenty, or even a hundred...but three hundred Mamas linking up so far!  Now that will make for some great weekend reading! :)

Not Back to School Blog Hop
If you have never been to Heart of the Matter, you should stop over for a visit (or better yet, wait for the kiddos' naptime and grab a BIG cup of coffee, first! ;)

If you are visiting here from the hop, Welcome!  I'm glad you stopped by and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

I just discovered the blog hop yesterday, I am excited to be joining in (at the last minute!) the fun of this week's topic with my family's curriculum line-up!  I usually write up a post about our curric every year (if for nothing else, so that I can have an "official" record of it all nicely written out!), but usually toward the end of August.  Since I am still wading through our planning stage, I'm just going to share what I've got so far...which really is the basic outline, just minus the nitty-gritty details.

First, a little bit about our school....

This is my 8th year as a homeschooling mama (counting pre-K).  Over the years our school has been gradually becoming more classical, with a hefty serving of Charlotte Mason mixed in (especially for my younger ones).  This year I will have a 6th grader, 3rd grader, preschooler and a busy one-year-old!

~ the Main Course ~

Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 (Ancient Civ.'s through the Birth of Christ)

If you're not familiar with Tapestry, it's a classical, literature-based program organized into unit-studies ... which allows my children to be studying the same topics all at once (tailored to their own learning levels).  I like that!

Subjects covered (for my kids' ages) are: History, Bible, Literature, Composition, Geography, with some art, vocab, timeline work and a whole lot of hands-on crafts.  We used Tapestry once before (when my oldest two were in 2nd & K)....and we loved it, but decided to save it for when they were I can't wait to get started again!

~ Math ~

General (my 6th grader) is switching back to Teaching Textbooks 6 again this year....we tried Saxon out last year, but he really likes TT much better, with an added bonus being that he can handle this progam independently :)

Rose (3rd grade) will be continuing on with Right Start Math - quickly finishing out Level B and moving right along into C.  After discovering this program last fall, I don't think I will ever use another one for my younger elementary kiddos!

Little Monkey (presch.)...planning to let him "play" with some of the Right Start manipulatives and gently start to work with him on counting, etc.

~ Spelling  ~

It will be Spelling Power for General and All About Spelling, level 2 for Rose  (another program that we love!)

~ Handwriting ~

A Reason For Handwriting, grades 3 & 6

~ Science ~ 

Apologia's Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy & Physiology.  We've used apologia books for the past few school years combined with our own notebooking, but this year we're going to give the student journals a try!

...And a few extra goodies for what we call our:

~ "FunSchool" Days ~
(two or three days a month, when we just need a little break from the usual routine)...

Art Appreciation/Study

Nature Walks and Journals

Music/Composer Study

These are little mini-units that I'm putting together ahead of time, Charlotte Mason style.... and which I haven't finished planning yet, but will post about once I do. :)

~ Preschool ~

I am so excited to finally have a preschooler again, this year!!  I have enjoyed all of my children's educational stages so far, but there is just something extra sweet about those preschool years!  Little Monkey is 3 and is VERY ready to have a little bit of his own "schoolwork" to I am in the process of putting together some weekly units for him...

I'm combining an Alphabet/Letter of the Week theme with all of my favorite books classic chidren's picture books about animals....and mixing in some bible stories....and crafts...and hopefully one fun little recipe we can make together each week.  (Another post for another day!)

Thanks for reading my little show-and-tell :)  This was fun!

Hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of summer - Happy Lesson Planning!!


  1. LOVE IT ALL!! Those books are the best! And wow, so many people are using All About Spelling (and All About Reading, too) Looking forward to hearing about this year!

  2. Great choices! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you, Sally!! LOL, I found the hop thru your blog yesterday - I'm glad you posted! What a goldmine! :) Looking forward to keeping up w/you this year, too!

  4. Hopped in from the blog hop. Glad you posted, better late than never. :) Looks like a great plan. Love seeing what others are using and getting ideas for what I need to get figured out still.

  5. Thanks, Renee & Mommy Reg! Just popped over to visit your blogs, too :) It's nice to meet you ladies!

  6. I love your plan for preschool! Sounds like you will be having a lot of fun in your classroom this year!

  7. Thanks, Lindsay! Glad you stopped by :)

  8. Hello! I'm stopping by from the Heart of the Matter "not" back to school curriculum blog hop. Looks like you have some great stuff planned! We used the Apologia Anatomy last year and loved it!

  9. Hi and thank you for stopping by my blog :) I am following you now as well and look forward to getting to know you :)

    This is our second year of homeschooling and I have a sixth grader as well. We started out having no idea of what our style was and are now eclectic with a strong Classical influence.

    I LOVE the idea of having an idea of a change of pace a few days a month! I am going to come up with some ideas for that as well! Great idea!

  10. Thank you for sharing your school work. This is our first year with the Apologia "exploring creation with human anatomy". I too got the journals for both of my girls because I'm new to it, and wouldn't know how to create activities on my own. Have a wonderful year!

  11. Thanks, I Read & Love Is a Verb!

    Theresa - I'm glad you stopped by! It sounds like you have figured your style & currics out very well in just two years :) I'm looking forward to keeping up in the coming school year, too!


  12. Hi Collette - Thank YOU for stopping by too...Yes, it' the same program as Royal Rangers. They were in it last year and really enjoyed it! It was fun when they did their camping trip; the Royal Rangers set up the tents, and the Missionettes did the cooking...LOL!

  13. I like the idea of doing art and such for fun school days!

  14. We're doing anatomy this year, too. And I love your FunSchool Days idea!!

  15. I found your blog very inspiring therefore I decided to leave you an award on my blog:

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us

  16. Love Is - yes, that is exactly what he remembers of it...seems the boys really liked the part of having the girls doing the cooking, lol!

    Ticia and Amanda - welcome! Glad you stopped by...going to pop over to your places for a visit in just a few min :)

    Czyzyk - thank you very much for the award! I am blessed to know that my blog has been helpful to you :)

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!

  17. I didn't get a chance to read this post back in August, So here I am now.

    GREAT, great line up!!

    Sounds like an exciting school year for sure!!

    Thank you for all of the links. I'm checking into the right start math.


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