Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of School ~ 2011

The month of August sure went by in a blur!  Things have been busy around our home with so much to do before the school year began....which is why things have been very quiet on the blog ;)  But we are settling into our school routine and I'm looking forward to having a little more time for blogging once again!

We got our school year off to a good start last week!  Since Monday was Labor Day, and we had a birthday party for cousin Audrey on Friday morning, I decided to keep our first week light and easy.  We started a few of our core subjects, and will ease into (most of!) our full schedule this week.

~ 2011 - 2012 School Pics ~

                                  Rose...3rd grade                                            General...6th grade
                             Peanut...Teacher's Helper :)                               Little Monkey...Preschool

 I'm not sure why we have such a hard time taking family photos lately...from more shots than I care to count, this was the best one!  Notice who isn't in the pic....
....and here is why ;)  Peanut was NOT interested in taking any pictures!

After breakfast and school pics, I had the kids finish their morning chores while I set the school table (our kitchen table, this year!) with a few surprises I made for them the night before.  I saw the idea for these "Schultutes" over at Shower of Roses, where Jessica has generously shared the instructions for making them - as well as for the cute pencil name-tags (which she has made into downloads that you can print out & wrap around some Rolos candy.  Very simple!)

Schultutes are an old tradition from Germany, where mothers make or buy these for their children on their very first day of school (kindergarten or first grade).  I thought it would be a lovely tradition to adopt for our own little school, and a fun way to start our first day of the year!

You can use poster board to make the cones, and wrapping paper or other fun patterned paper to cover the outside...but I waited until the last minute (very late Monday night!) and had forgotten to buy the poster board.  Fortunately, some old file folders (taped together) worked just as well...and I wrapped them in tissue paper, using each of my kiddos' favorite colors.

Here's what was inside of Rose's :

(notebook, glitter pens, gum, smarties, erasers)

~ General's ~

(notebook, pencils & sharpener, starburst and gum)

~ Little Monkey's ~

(oreo's, crayons, notebook & fruit-by-the-foot)

~ And a little something for Peanut ~

Most of these surprises are the same as what you'll see at Shower of Roses, because I really loved the idea of including the little notes.  They are available as downloads, which made it so easy to put everything together (thank you, Jessica!).

The kiddos were all very surprised & they loved it...

The cones make great princess hats, too :)

Little Monkey was so excited to get his very own school supplies!

Peanut was happy with his cookie & didn't realize he had a present to open...LM helped him out with that a little later....

Next I brought out some of our new books - which I've kept hidden away from curious eyes all summer.  General in particular has been waiting to check out this year's science book...

  & here's Rose working on the first page of her science journal.

It was a good day - and a good start to the year...I think we are all ready & excited to delve into our studies this week!


  1. Just got all caught up on your blog.

    I LOVED every minute of it!!!I must have said "So Sweet" out loud because my son said "What is so sweet mama?". A simple "It is just the blog I am reading" wouldn't do. He came over and looked at all of the pictures with me and then asked if he could go to your house! :-)

    It takes time to plan all that you have done. It also takes away from what the world calls "me time". You are giving your children the greatest gift!!!

    Happy School Year!!

    Love Carissa

  2. What a great start! Ihave heard of those cones, and think I'll make them...and then never do! Those "pencils" are too much! And the header is awesome -- glad you are back!

  3. Your first day of school looks like it was very special! I love the photo of all your children together...I have lots of those (with one person crying or not looking happy)! :)

    I hope you have a great school year!

  4. such a sweet mama you are.
    making it all so special;-)



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