Tuesday, September 27, 2011

History Highlights : Ancient Egypt Cookie Maps

History has been a lot of fun this year, so far - we are loving our new curriculum!  The past few weeks we've been studying Ancient Egypt in our history units...while at the same time, in our Bible class, we've been reading and studying the story of Moses and how God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  The kids have been having a blast learning about this fascinating time in history - and I have been enjoying learning more about this part of the Bible (it's amazing how much more there is to understand, just by knowing the historical background!).

Here are some maps we've been working on...

                                           Rose                                                     General

General's map is a basic, base map for ancient Egypt...as we go along through our study, he's working on making transparency overlays with more details to add on top of his base map, pretty neat!

The curric comes with so many wonderful craft and hands-on-project ideas....I've been letting the kids choose which crafts to do, and this was their number-one top choice : cookie dough maps!  Sounded like fun to me, too :)

We started by making some sheet-cookies, using our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from the back of the Nestle bag (minus the chocolate chips)...

 ...and then we used an assortment of colored icing, cake-decorating gel, and some candy to make our maps on top of the giant cookies...

 ...we shaped caramel candies into pyramids ...
... brown sugar to make sand for the desert areas ...
... and we used M&M's to mark some of the major cities ...
....LOL, Little Monkey worked very hard, all by himself, to make " a wiver and some big houses" too :) ...

They were all very happy with the way their maps turned out...and could barely wait long enough for me to take a few pics before begging to slice the cookies up and eat them!  (After all that hard work, LOL!)  We did decide to let Daddy see the finished maps after dinner that night, before cutting them up...and we agreed this was the most delicious geography project we've ever done ;)


  1. Fun, fun, fun!!!

    I actually had to shield my son's eyes before seeing this!!! He would go nuts!! I didn't want hime to see it before we actually try doing it, otherwise he would be asking about it daily. :-)

    So much fun!! We are just learning about the states right now, so I could use this idea for that. thanks for sharing!! can't wait to try this.
    Great idea!! Your children look like they had a blast!!


    PS Loved your A week post too! I love preschool!

  2. Thanks, Carissa! It was a lot of fun - I bet this would work great for a state map! You could probably add many more details, covering a smaller area.

    Only thing I might do differently is to choose a thicker type of dough, if you want to include things like mountains...the cookie dough melted/flattened out while it baked(& ran over the sides of the pans, LOl!!)

    If you make a map, I hope you'll post pics so we can see, too!! :)

  3. What a fun and very delicious idea! If you all need help eating it....

  4. LOL, we DO!! That was a lot of cookie, even for our family...I wish we could bring it over to share, maybe with some tea?? Hope you are having a good day!


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