Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real} September Schoolday Edition

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

I've been coming across these lovely posts on so many different I thought I'd join in the fun :)  Here we go...


 Little Monkey made these baked apples almost all by himself...a little project for "just him and mommy" that we did together for his preschool "A" week....I have many more pictures to post about that later!  But he worked so hard on these, and this mama thinks it's just about the prettiest sight there can be :)

We decided his special after-school snack was a nice excuse to have a little teaparty in celebration for completing our first schoolweek.


~ what Peanut likes to do while everyone else is busy at the schooltable ~



 LM is concentrating on his coloring...something he spends a LOT of time on and he's pretty particular about.  It's amazing how much he's grown up, even over the summer...he sure has come a long way from the mischievous little toddler he was not all that long ago!  Being "big" enough to do school with the rest of us makes him very happy, and me too.


LOL, and this is what our house really looks on a schoolday!  And really, this isn't as messy school-ish as it can be some days...

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  1. Your house looks just like mine does during school hours, right down to the toddler climbing everywhere! The baked apples look delicious, a perfect way to welcome fall!

  2. Your little fellow with his baked apples looks so cute - and your home is very nice - not messy at all!

  3. #5 Photo is my favorite! (Peanut with arms out... and the facial expression!) That was so much fun looking into your day. If Nick ever wants to share those apples....

  4. Welcome! So glad you joined! Great pictures ;)

  5. Hi, Karen! So glad you're back!!! Haha, yes, Peanut sure has turned into quite the climber recently (pretty much just since we started school, lol!)...fortunately he seems pretty steady on his feet. So far, anyway!

    Mrs. Fordyce, Lisa & Leila - thank you for stopping by! Popping over to check out your posts, too :)

  6. Looks familiar! :) I loved all the photos, especially your little guy on the chair!

    I love your home decor...especially your floors!


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