Thursday, November 24, 2011

Home Management Binder :: Calendar Tab (new printable + tips)

Here is the new printable calendar for my homemade organizer; this time I have started each week with Sunday.  I also adjusted the margins in this page a little bit so there's more space between the binder's rings and the line where you write in the month.  Hope it's helpful!

(click here to download or print)

This little project has been a lot of fun to put together!  But as I mentioned before, I am still learning about pdf's, using Scribd, and please let me know of any errors or if anything isn't printing out properly ;)


:: a few tips on how I make the most out of my calendar section ::

I keep a full year of calendar pages in my binder all at once.  This helps me remember long-term planning items such as ~

our schedule of school days (constantly changing, depending on how we're progressing through our curric)

homeschool group events

field trips


trips, birthdays, other family events

It really makes such a difference when I am diligent about keeping all of my family's events updated on one calendar, that I can keep with me all the time.  This way I don't forget what's been scheduled, or accidentally double-book events in the same day (so embarrassing!).  And I can plan ahead to prepare for things the way I'd like to.

I only write the name of an event and it's starting time on the actual calendar.  Then I flip the page over to the blank back-side and write down any specific details I need to coordinate - such what dish of food I need to bring, if I need to line up a babysitter, or anything else I need to remember.  Writing it all down right away - as the activity is being planned - means I won't forget!  Later on, I add any new details right into the original note so it is all in one place for me (the babysitter's name and phone number, for example).  I like to cut a few extra blank papers in half and punch holes in them (just like the calendar pages) so I have an extra page between each month for these notes.

At the beginning of each month, I move the old month's calendar & notes to the back of my binder's 'Calendar' tab so the new month is on top.  I keep my old calenders for awhile, because I refer back to them often....and end up cleaning them out when my binder gets too full.

I'm almost finished with the template for making a set of tabs out of decorative paper (so much prettier than the store-bought kind!).  I'm hoping to post those next week, along with instructions and tips for using the weekly pages, so be sure to check back soon!


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  1. so pretty! ...and so organized!

  2. Wow...I bookmarked this so that I can come back when I have a few extra minutes and really look through it! Thank you!

  3. I'm thankful you have taken the time to post this here.
    I'm certain I will need this for next school year!!!


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