Friday, November 18, 2011

Math Lesson

(Actually, more of a Mama lesson.)

Lately, Peanut has taken to hanging out with his Big Brother during lesson time.

He's just happy to quietly sit on General's lap.  No talking or playing necessary.

I offered to take Peanut elsewhere so General could concentrate on his math lesson, but he said "No, Mom...he's happy sitting with me.  Let him stay, I'll be okay."  

I think that translates from boy-speak to mean, "I'm happy he's sitting with me."

A sweet moment in so many ways.

But a special reminder, too.

My family has our share of daily challenges.  Little spats and squabbles.  Messes, laundry, diapers and dishes.  Sometimes I get discouraged.  Some days I feel overwhelmed.

Sometimes it's hard to see it, but -

In the middle of it all, beautiful things are happening, too.

Things like this tenderness I see in my older ones for the little ones.  Or the closeness and friendship I see between all of my kiddos, when the squabbles are worked through. ;)

I am gratefully reminded of something that many have said to me during the hard days:

"The sacrifices and labor and work
of staying at home
teaching our children

are more than worthwhile

when compared to the rewards they bring."

This is a moment I am treasuring up to ponder.

Have a joy-filled weekend!


  1. makes me smile, too. makes it all worthwhile!

  2. How sweet! Thanks for sharing, Collette.
    Have a blessed day,

  3. ...and you should:)

    a sweet and precious time.



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