Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Book Basket & Binder Tabs Update

We've been having a very busy - but mostly fun! - week, moving along with our Advent activites, doing a little Christmas decorating, some much needed cleaning (not so fun, lol!) and trying to keep up with squeezing in our school lessons, too.

Poor Peanut came down with the croup (which turned into a cold) over the weekend, and we've all been passing that around this week (the other not so fun part) needless to say, I haven't been able to post - or comment - or read - as much as I would like to!

And I do have so much to tell.  I'm hoping I'll have a few quiet moments soon to put all my pics and thoughts together.

Just a little update :: the next post in my Home Management Binder series is in the works.  I've almost finished making the patterns for my homemade tab dividers...there are just a few unexpected glitches that came up in the design, that I need to tweak.  I'll be posting them soon, along with instructions and tips for using the weekly pages.  Stay tuned! :0) 

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some wonderful books with you (a little peek into our Christmas book basket!), in case anyone is looking for Christmas reading ideas.  This year I was able to order several of our favorite picture books from Amazon with a gift card I'd been saving for this purpose.  We've borrowed most of these from the library in years past, but I'm excited to start collecting a little library of my our own. :)

{A disclaimer-disclaimer...I am not an Amazon affiliate, because Illinois' current laws won't allow it.  I'm using Amazon's pics & links here to make it easy for you to browse the books, because I love it when bloggers do that for me!}

This book is new to me this year.  A close friend of mine read it to the children at our homeschool group's Christmas party last Friday, and we all loved it!  I never knew the history behind the candy cane before; this is a very neat book!  (Thanks, Tammy!)

Another new book for us....I've seen recommendations and read great reviews, although I haven't read it myself, yet.  It appears to be out of print, but there are many used copies available on Amazon (for a penny - love that!), so I'm still waiting for this one to arrive.

Hope your week is filled with moments of joy, as we prepare our homes and hearts for the 'arrivial' of our Savior this Advent season!


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  1. Thanks so much for the book recommendations. Most of these I've never heard of before! I did see the candy cane one the other day, and I wondered if we would like it. I like the cover art.

    Have a blessed day!


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