Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Ideas :: Girls

I just love shopping online!  Every night after the kiddos are all snug in their beds, it is so nice to put on my slippers, sit down with a cup of tea or a warm latte and shop from the quiet of my chair.  No hustle or bustle.  No questions from curious kiddos.  Just me and Amazon.  (And a few other sites...)

I'm excited about some of the things I found for Rose this year and thought I'd share them with you in case you are looking for any last-minute ideas!  (Shhhh...don't tell!)

(I'm not an affiliate for any company...I'm just sharing some things I really like!)

Rose has been very interested in learning to crochet since this past summer, when I bought a little instruction book for her birthday.  The book has been very helpful, but when I heard from a good friend about this DVD over at Simply Charlotte Mason, I just knew it would be the perfect thing for her!  (Thank you, Amanda!)

If you pop over to their website, there is a 2 minute clip you can watch from the DVD to see what it's like.  The instructor is a very sweet teenage homeschooler who gives a nice presentation, easy to understand.  I'll be watching the DVD with Rose so we can learn together...and I confess I am just as excited as I think she'll be!

Some pretty yarn and a hook in a new size completes this gift.

Besides Amazon, another favorite source for finding toys for my kiddos is Vision Forum.  If you have never visited their catalog is well worth a visit!  Rose loves their doll collection...her "Liberty" doll is the same size as her American Girl doll, so all of the outfits she's collected can be worn by both dolls.  I especially like the Vision Forum dolls because each one is a real historical Christian woman, complete with a character-building biography for Rose read.

Earlier this fall, before she was thinking about Christmas ;) I had Rose pick out her favorite dress-and-book set.  I don't think she remembers that conversation...hopefully she will be surprised!  Here's what she picked:

I'm thinking this will be a fun book for a Mama and her not-so-little girl to read together. :)

Hoping to post some boys' ideas soon!



  1. Oh, girly presents are so much fun! The gifts, I think, are perfect selections... for both of you! Wish I was closer to get in on the fun :>) Now, here's a challenge: give us great ideas for guy presents :/

  2. LOL, yes that is more of a challenge! The only thing my boys can think of to ask various types of weaponry, lol! Swords and shields are top of the list... but at least it is easy to make them happy!

  3. gracious.

    I do the same thing each night girl!

    actually, i don't think I've visited a store yet!

    and I'm thrilled you are sharing your gift ideas here. such great ones!


  4. Love Vision Forum!
    Going to check that DVD out, too!
    I want to learn right along with y'all!
    I also found a couple of neat things for my boys at J.M. Cremp's.

  5. Hi, Kristin! I've never heard of JM Cremp's before...just popped over there to see & it looks WONDERful! Thanks for the tip!


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