Friday, December 16, 2011

Late fall nature walk

This time of year, we have to look a little harder for it....but there is still beauty to be found outside, around the yard. 

Like hidden treasure.

{ ice on the sandbox }

It certainly won't catch your eye!  Everything has faded into quiet shades of gray and brown and green.  But those can be beautiful, too.  And if you look really close, there is texture...

{ echinacea in December :: finch food! }

...and sparkle...

{ a touch of frost }

...and a promise of more color to come.  In time.

{ daisy seeds ... more finch food }  :)

We had our first little bit of a snowfall, a couple weeks ago!

Of course snow is all very new to Peanut...but to my surprise, Little Monkey didn't remember it from last year, either.

Oh, the questions!

Mom, WHY is my deck all white? ("my" deck, lol!)

I don't WIKE my deck wiff all that stuff on there!

How did it get there?

Will it go away?

I want to touch it!

{ morning sunlight on freshly-fallen snowflakes }

We had a lot of fun that morning!  :)


  1. OK.... first, I LOVE the pajamas!! And I love the photography; the ice on the sandbox is unique! Best are the boys' questions about snow :>)

  2. I love what God puts right outside of our doorstep!!!

    Have your finches been eating yet?? I just caught one yesterday pecking at the echinacea.

    Love that you took the time to notice the small stuff!!! Wasn't the snow pretty!!!! I want more though!!! This fall/winter season has been so mild this year... not complaining though! ;-)

    Two little boys in matching red and blue footsie pj's = PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for letting us in on your special moment. So sweet.

    Love carissa


    So sweet that you picked me as one of your five. Funny thing, your blog is the first one I thought of when thinking about which five I would choose, Can you get this award twice?? ;-)

    Big hugs... Thank you!!! :-)

  3. :0) Aww, thanks Carissa!!

    Lol, its kinda funny about the finches. I planted the echinacea along with a few other plants this summer to attract them & birds in general into our yard, but they don't seem to be interested at all. There are very few trees in our yard, I think that's why. Maybe once it snows...


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