Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

We're still enjoying the Christmas season this week!

It's a little hard to believe that today is Wednesday, already...we sure did have a busy Christmas weekend, with three days of celebrating (the final big party was on Monday)...

....followed by a lot of cleaning yesterday...

But the Christmas music is on, our tree is aglow...and we are settling in for a cozy day at home.  And some more cleaning.  At least, I can see my floors and counters, today, so that is already a great improvement ;)

We're thankful we were able to make it to all our families' parties this year, without any flus or was so nice to spend Christmas with all of our family!  Poor Rose did end up with a stuffy nose and an earache on Monday night, but at least we were able to stay for some of the caroling - and especially to take part in our annual rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  (Thank you, Uncle Bill, for supplying the Tylenol on such short notice!!)

Peanut and Little Monkey had missed their naps...and Peanut in particular was exceptionally grumpy by Monday night... so we did end up having to leave before the singing was over.  And before the polka's began.

But NEXT year.  The little boys won't be so little.  I will come armed with Tylenol for unexpected earaches.  And we will be prepared for a late party!  So...unless someone is sick....we will be staying till the last polka has been danced!

I guess I should probably write a little backstory for any dear, non-family readers who may be wondering what I am talking about!

I have a very musical family.  For as long as I can remember....actually,  I think for as long as anyone in my family can remember....there has always been music at Christmas.  We sing all the carols together....and The Twelve Days is a particular favorite family tradition.  Everyone must choose a "day" with a partner (or a group, since we have about 45 people singing, all together) and we sing it in parts.

Although, just to convey the right picture, here...when I say we all sing together in parts.  I don't mean Trapp family-style (Sound of Music).  (Although we do have many cousins with lovely voices!)  We're more silly than serious.  Like when the uncles sing "thhheven thhhwans of thhhwimming" with a litthhhp, just to be funny!  I'm not really sure why....that's just the way it's always been sung!

And the polkas are part of my family's Slovak/Polish heritage :)  Everyone knows how to dance the polkas!

It's just a lot of fun!

Almost everyone plays an instrument, too...

I think our instrument-count this year was up in the teens?  Grandpa (my Dad) always plays the accordion...and then there was a clarinet, two flutes I think?, two or three trumpets?, a keyboard, the piano, the bells/tambourine (I think that should count!), pretty sure we had a trombone, at least one saxophone, a violin (new this year!), was there an oboe??  Next year, General will have his own trumpet to add to the band and I'll be bringing my flute once again. (I haven't participated in the past few years because I've been busy with babies!)

And can you believe I forgot to bring my camera!

Dear Aunty Karen and Justin:

We were sorry that Peanut missed opening his gift at the party!!!  He found the package as soon as he woke up on Tuesday morning and was VERY excited to open it....and he loved it! Thank you!!

I snapped a few pics of him enjoying his gifts....thought I'd post them for you to see :)  The little dinosaur hat & gloves are adorable! - just what he needed, too.  (I think he still had some cookie smudges on his time to edit that out, ah well!)

Wishing everyone a relaxing and blessed Christmas season (we still have eight days to go, if you're counting!)


  1. Aw, looks like Peanut is having fun exploring his truck!... that was Justin's find. And the hat is adorable on him... that was Uncle Roger's pick :>) It WAS fun celebrating our Savior's birth with so much family. And music! And polkas! and Food.Food.Food :>) We are blessed indeed.

  2. Yes!!! I'm counting with you!!! :-)

  3. It is so nice to see others enjoying the 12 days of Christmas! My husband is Polish and a Musician. I think it is beautiful that your family carries on its traditions. My French side of the family is like this. Your children's lives are so enriched! Thank you for visiting my blog :-)


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