Monday, January 30, 2012

B is for Bears, Blueberries and Baby Moses

After a long break over the holidays, we finally finished up Little Monkey's preschool unit study for the Letter B!  I hesitate to call it our "letter of the week" as I did in the beginning, last fall - since we ended up spending nearly three weeks on this letter!  But it really worked out well, because LM is very much into Bears right now.  :)  There are so many wonderful books, crafts and ideas to read and to do...and we both enjoyed taking a little extra time to do many more projects than we normally would, to follow his interest!  Here's a few pics and highlights from our unit...

.:: Literature ::.

A few other B-Week book ideas:

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? (and other books in the series)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Polar Bear, Polar Bear
Winnie the Pooh and Some Bees

.:: Bible Lesson - Baby Moses ::.

For our Bible lessons, I've been reading to LM out of our children's Bibles...we have several different copies, and he enjoys hearing the same story as it's told in each books' own words and pictures.  But my absolute favorite one to read (to all of my children!) is The Children's Illustrated Bible by Selina Hastings (pictured above).  The book is written at an early-to-mid-elementarty level, but the illustrations are so beautifully done that it keeps Little Monkey's attention very well. (Especially if we've already read the story a few times at his own level.)  Also, it includes many little extra maps, facts and photographs in the margins as they relate to the story - which Rose and General love.  It's one of my favorite read-alouds for the whole family!

.:: Baby Moses Craft ::.

When I found this adorable idea for a Baby Moses craft, I just knew we would have to give it a try!  It really ended up being simple to put together....and it made a sweet little toy that sure kept my kiddos busy for quite some time!

For our version, you just need half of a walnut shell (scooped and cleaned out), a small square of scrap cloth and a clothespin.  My husband very kindly sawed the tip of the clothespin, and Little Monkey helped sand the bottom edge smooth.  I added a little face in permanent marker....and that's it.  A baby in a basket!

We used a few bowls filled with water to see if the walnut-baskets would float...and sure enough, if we were very careful not to let it tip or roll, it worked!

Rose made one using an almond (still in its shell) for her "baby." That worked out pretty well, too, but the weight of the nut made it difficult for her basket to float :)

.:: B is for Bears ::.

Ever since Little Monkey was a small baby, he's been very attached to his special stuffed Bear....I like to call it his Velveteen Bear, it has been repaired so many times!  So I thought it would be very appropriate to study Bears for the letter B.....he seemed to think so, too :)

:: from Eric Carle's Animals Animals ::

:: Little Monkey's notebook page about bears ::

.:: Paper Bear Craft - Finger-Puppet ::.

I'm including quite a few paper-crafts with our unit studies, to make sure Little Monkey gets plenty of practice with his cutting and gluing.  This paper puppet was simple for him to make, and turned out to be pretty cute - as well as fun to play with :) I posted more about it here (instructions).

.:: Bear-Claw Cookies ::.

The original recipe for these fun cookies calls for peanuts and white chocolate kisses to make the claws and paw-pads.  But with such a Busy week of homeschooling, I completely ran out of time to shop for the right ingredients...and so I improvised quite a bit on these, using what I had on hand in my cupboard.  Instead of brownie mix, I just made a batch of regular chocolate-chip cookie dough, minus the chocolate. :)  Then we used pecans for the claws, and chocolate chips for the paw-pads.  They didn't turn out quite as cute as the originals, but they sure were delicious!  (And they made all of my kiddos that is a success in my book :)

.:: B-Week Craft - Button Box ::.

After we read the story of Corduroy (who is a Bear :),  I thought it would be a nice project for Little Monkey to make something with buttons.  I had one craft box leftover from a past project in my supply closet, and since Box starts with the letter B, after all... He had had a lot of fun making his very own "Button Box" for his small treasures.

I opted for crayons instead of paint just to keep things simple...

...and we used good old Elmer's to glue the buttons on top, which has held up very well! (No buttons have popped off yet...)

.:: B-Week Recipe - Blueberry Crisp ::.

What B week would be complete without blueberries?  After reading Blueberries From Sal, we made some blueberry crisp, served it over ice cream and topped it with whipped cream, yum!  This was a very easy treat for LM to put together....he could almost do it all by himself!  (I posted the recipe here.)

.:: Other B-Week Fun :: Counting Bears ::.

I was excited to find a huge container of these counters at a garage sale this past summer.  I kept them all tucked away, saving them for our B week...and as you can imagine, they were a hit with both Little Monkey and Peanut!

.:: A "Bear Snores On" Teaparty ::.

(You can read my post about this here.)

.:: "B" Week Bingo! ::.

I made this printable game with my little boys in mind - using shapes, colors and numbers.  Not surprisingly, my older kiddos had a lot of fun with it, too - I guess it doesn't really matter what's on the gameboard! ;)  I posted about it (including links to the printable) here.

This week Little Monkey is going to be busy finishing up his Letter C unit.....  Meanwhile, General and Rose are working their way through the book of Exodus, studying the culture/history of Mesopotamia, and learning all about Israel, God's chosen people.....hopefully I'll be able to catch a few minutes to post pics about it all, soon! :)


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  1. Oh my goodness... This is fantastic!!!!

    You have put so much love and effort into it all.

    Great job with lots of ideas!!! I just love coming here to visit!

    Love Carissa

  2. Ps I also meant to mention that the baby Moses craft was so sweet!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing!!! These are helpful and cute ideas!


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