Monday, January 30, 2012

Bear Craft :: Paper Finger-Puppet

Finishing up my B-Week posts!

For each of our preschool letter-units, I am planning to include at least one paper craft that goes with our theme -  to give Little Monkey plenty of practice with cutting and gluing.  Since we've been all about Bears over here for the past few weeks, I was excited to find this cute & simple Bear Finger Puppet craft.

I can't find my bookmark to the site where I found this craft (I'll update as soon as I do!!).  In the meantime, here's what we did:

On a folded piece of brown construction paper, I traced around LM's hand, with his pinky & thumb sticking out to the side to make the bear's front paws. 

Little Monkey cut out both sides of the paper at once. 

Then we glued the pieces together, around the edge (Next time I think we'll use glue instead of a will stick better!).

Next, we cut circles in various sizes to make a white face, black nose, brown ears, white tummy and paws....and glued them down.

Black circles would work well for eyes, too....but since we had some googley-eyes left over from our Alligator craft, we used those instead.  

Very cute!  I thought about gluing both sides of the bear onto a thick craft-stick/popsicle-stick, to make a sturdier puppet....but I must say - once the glue was completely dry, I was surprised at how well the little bear lasted, even through lots of rough preschool-play! :)



  1. What a cute bear... and cute smile on LM! We loved puppets in our home, too. The googly eyes and the nice plump-looking tummy on the bear make it look cuddly and friendly :>)

  2. we made one today, fab thank you


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