Saturday, January 21, 2012

A "Bear Snores On" Teaparty

We finished up our little unit study of the letter "B" yesterday!  One of my our favorite picture books is Bear Snores On, which of course we included in our "bear" theme this week.  It's a sweet story about little animals that sneak into a sleeping bear's cave, to find shelter from a snowstorm...and end up having a real party with some popcorn, black tea, "honey nuts," and stew.

Since we ended up having a little extra time yesterday morning, after leaving the house very early and racing through the grocery store, to get home in time before a snowstorm hit our area....I decided, at the last minute, to put together a little "Bear Snores On" tea party as a fun way to wrap up our week.

General and Rose took turns reading the story to Little Monkey and Peanut (to keep them busy!) while I set the table.  The snacks for this tea were very simple....just a bowl of nuts and some popcorn.

I did make peach herbal (non-caffeinated!) tea instead of black....but I don't think anyone noticed the difference. :)

I also included some marshmallows for a cute polar-bear craft that I found here.  I planned on doing this craft with LM earlier in the week, but ran out of time.  They turned out to be perfect for the tea party, though, and even my older two had fun with them!

We used chocolate chips for the eyes, and half of a small marshmallow for the nose.

This was Peanut's first time to sit at the table in a booster....and have a real cup of his own!  He had so much fun stirring....and adding more cream to his cup, from his!  After a few minutes of stirring/sipping nicely, he decided to try pouring his tea onto his plate of popcorn.  I almost got a picture of that one (wish I did!) was pretty funny how surprised he looked, when he found out that popcorn tastes better when it isn't soggy. :)

(Above, right: Fresh plate of popcorn, and no more cup :)

The snow was just beginning to come down in thick blankets as we finished our little party...making it the perfect morning for a "Bear Snores On" Tea!

Have a Beautiful Weekend!


  1. SO A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! So sweet to see your youngest adding cream from his bottle!!!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bear marshmallows.

    Wasn't the snow pretty??? We just came back in from playing out in it and going sledding for the first time, what a blast!

    Love Carissa

  2. Lovely lesson. Thank you for sharing your letter B ideas. We are going to be doing a similar project this coming summer. Your family is so beautiful. God bless! =)

  3. Carissa, it WAS so beautiful....and I can't believe we got so much. I thought it was only supposed to be 2-4 inches where we're at, but I think we ended up with at least 6! Today was a perfect day for sledding...sounds like fun!! :)

  4. Thanks, Jackie! I'm glad you stopped by! :)

  5. I love tea parties! and the sugar and creamer are really cute. The kids' pleased faces with their marshmallow bears makes me smile. Our kids went snowboarding in Michigan (and they came back whole! ptl!), so Roger and I did the snowblowing and shoveling. It was fun to be out playing in it :>)


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