Monday, January 16, 2012

Crochet Update

For Christmas, we gave Rose the Handicrafts Made Simple : Crochet DVD from Simply Charlotte Mason along with some new yarn and a new hook, since she's been asking for a long time to learn how to crochet.

And I have to say, this Mama was pretty excited about the gift, as well, since we'd be working through the lessons together!  ;)  I learned how to crochet as a girl, but it never really "stuck" with me....and now I'm looking forward learning this skill all over again, too.

Rose and I have been so happy with this tutorial!  The instructor, a young lady who I think is home schooled herself, does such a nice job of explaining everything so simply and clearly.  We sped through the first few lessons pretty quickly, since we were both already familiar with the basic stitches...and last week, Rose completed her first project - a large potholder made from the single-crochet stitch.

I did help her with some of the rows...although you sure can't tell the difference between her stitches and mine at all!

Next lesson, we'll learn the double-crochet stitch and make a scarf.  We both can't wait!

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  1. Rose, you are so adventurous and talented! Love how colorful the potholder is... I crave color in winter ;) After you finish teaching Mom, maybe you can show me a stitch or two!

  2. Beautiful job! My Natty is working on a potholder, too! :)
    And I added your blog to my sidebar so that my readers can enjoy your gorgeous photos as well. :)

  3. What a GREAT job your little girl did, really, a GREAT job!!!!!

    How fun it must be to do this together, mother and daughter!!! :-)

  4. Thank you, all!

    Aunty Karen, Rose said she would **love** to have a crochet day with just us girls (and maybe we could ask Grandma, too!) sometime soon!!

    LOL, Lisa - you just reminded me that I've been meaning to put my blogroll back up in my sidebar, too...I removed it temporarily when I was changing the layout. Thanks for your link! :0)

    Carissa - this really has been so much fun! I kind of funny, I always knew I wanted to teach Rose these things when she was old enough, but I really had no idea *how* special those times would be to a Mama. :)


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