Friday, January 13, 2012

Let It Snow...

...let it snow, let it snow!

Oh, the weather outside was frightful....

...but that didn't stop us from enjoying our first "real" snowfall of the year!

We were so glad that Daddy was able to join us, since he was having an unusually light day at work, while they're at a lull for a few days in his area of the project they are currently working on...AND there weren't many calls to take, even with all of the snow...

So, Little Monkey had a very special day, getting all suited up in his Carhartts and "big worker boots" {just like Daddy's}....

...and he was off to spend the afternoon being Daddy's big helper for the first time - AND {most importantly!} getting to ride up in the big work-truck.

The kiddos know that very first snowy day of the year means NO the rest of us went outside to have a little fun!  (Well, everyone except Peanut...who really needed to take his nap...he'll have his chance to explore outside later today, instead!)

General and Rose wasted no time getting busy launching snowballs, making snow angels and...whitewashing each other's faces...

I really would've liked to get more photos of them, but what with all of the running and the chasing and the snow flying, I couldn't get any non-blurry shots.  Besides, things were getting a little too wild for a Mama with a camera!

So...I had a little fun of my own finding some wintery things around the yard to shoot (with the camera, of course!)...

I really do love all the seasons...especially how each one has its own sort of beauty.  Of course, snow in winter is a dramatically beautiful thing all in itself.

But I love how if you look around at the tiny little things left over from the seasons before...

Things that don't clamor for any attention at all...they certainly aren't showy or colorful!

Small things you might not even notice, if you were just walking by...

But if you stop and look closely at the textures, the forms, even the faded colors...

They are humble.  But beautiful!

It's been a fun-but-busy week with school, snow, a lovely visit with grandparents, and life happening....and therefore things have been quiet here on the blog.  BUT I have quite a few posts in my drafts folder, almost ready to there is much to come, very soon!  Hope you all have a great weekend!!



  1. Thank you for my learn-to-look-at-life photo lesson! I'm about to embark in the snowy blowy winterland... with two nutty teenagers that I'll try to capture on camera as they snowboard (yes, snowboard - ramp and all. Who knew that in Indiana it is such an extreme sport?) Your photos of Daddy and Little Monkey are terrific (great keepers!) and your macros are incredible as always. Happy Snow Day!

  2. LOL, well I cant wait to hear how your photos turn out! I always have trouble getting pics of my little boys because of their perpetual motion, everything comes out blurred....if you have any tips I hope you'll pass them on! Maybe in a blog post?? :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You have a great eye for photos!
    We need a good snow....just so it will really feel like winter!
    Enjoy your weekend~
    Love, Kristin

  4. Oh Collette those photo's are inspirational ! Just beautiful.
    I love the snow but hate the cold it brings.
    I ♥ watching little boys out and about with their Dads such a precious time.
    Thank you for the recommendation of Arnosky books I'm off to the library to find some.
    Hope your week ahead is a good one.

  5. we were hit last night with our first snow. not much just an inch but so many memories, so much fun!

  6. Oh the first snow is always so magical, and you captured it beautifully!
    That picture of your boy with the snowball, PRICELESS!

    Love carissa


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