Monday, January 23, 2012

Preschool Bingo {printable}

Last week, I put together a preschool-level Bingo game for Little Monkey - something a unit study of the letter "B" just wouldn't be complete without! :)  He's been working on his colors and shapes for quite awhile, but is still in need of some practice with number-recognition.  So I thought this would Be a fun way to sneak it into our lessons and our theme for the week.

The game cards were easy to create in Word, using a table....which I then saved as a PDF on Scribd, in case anyone else might like to use it, too.  :)  There are eight gameboards altogether, with a sheet of little cards to clip and use for choosing/calling out the plays.

We happened to have some Bingo chips on hand already, although I wasn't sure if we'd be able to find them, at first!  Some other marker-ideas are coins, squares of construction paper, cheerios (Rose's suggestion!), dried beans, legos (General's suggestion)....

Peanut is still too little to participate in boardgames....but he managed to work his way into the middle of what was going on, anyway!

There were more than a few game boards mowed over by his tractor.  :)

Here is the should be able to scroll on the image to see the entire document, or just use the toolbar to download (and then print from your computer.)  Blessings!

Preschool Bingo

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  1. Squeal!!! Love it!!!! I know what we are doing tomorrow!!! ;-)

  2. Love this!
    Super idea! So much fun for kids to learn this way.

  3. Thanks for the download! I'm excited to play something that my two year can join in on.

  4. THANK you for this download!! I have three children...twins that are 3 and a 4 yr old...this game will be perfect for them!! Really so happy to have found this


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