Friday, January 20, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Friday Favorites

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

...a few favorite moments from my week...


Yesterday was my birthday!  I had a lovely day relaxing at home with my family...exactly what this Mama loves to do the most! :)  My wonderful hubby ordered pizza so I wouldn't need to cook.....and then after dinner my kiddos 'surprised' me with a cake they decorated all by themselves.  I didn't realize I was turning 98 this year!!  I must've lost count of the years somewhere along the way, lol!


My dear friend Jacki came for a visit on Tuesday with her two adorable little guys.   It was so good to catch up again!  The kids all had a blast playing together, too, although at times we couldn't hear each other talking over the raucous! ;)  I think they were playing "train" when I took this pic...I'm surprised it didn't turn out blurry because they were moving so fast!


Peanut, just like Little Monkey before him, has recently taken a liking to any-and-all of Rose's toys.  On this day, he was very serious about riding on her American Girl pony...even holding the reins and trying to scoot the horse across the floor!


Another sight I've been seeing a lot, lately - Peanut snuggling up with General...this time over General's breakfast.  Peanut had already finished his, but was more than happy to eat half of his brother's too!  I never get tired of watching these two together....even though there is a significant gap in their ages (almost 10 years) there is so much tenderness between them.  Melts a Mama's heart every time!


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Wow, 98, I hope I look as good as you when I turn 98! LOL

  2. love the piled up kids photo! looks like they enjoy each other's company... as much as their moms do. and the picture of General with his little brother (or Peanut with his big brother!) is really sweet. happy birthday and happy week!

  3. Happy Birthday! Pretty good, such an old lady having a such a nice blog! ;-)


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