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Alphabet Time :: C is for Cats, Cupcakes and Creation

We have finally Completed our unit study of the letter "C," and I'm chuckling to myself a little bit this morning as I realize we spent almost three weeks on this letter!  So I am officially NOT going to refer to these little units as our "letter of the week" as I did in the beginning :)  I think at this rate, we will be working on these units well into next school year....but we're enjoying doing all the activities I can possibly find taking things slowly!  And since Little Monkey is still 3, we have plenty of preschool time ahead of us, yet :)

For all my readers who have been following along, a lot of the material in this post is the same projects and crafts I've been posting about recently.  I think it will be helpful to have all of my notes and activities in one place, for future reference....and so I've decided to keep up with these long posts!  Hope you don't mind! ;)

We had a lot of fun with the letter's what we did:

.:: Language Arts ::.

~ Letter C Books ~

:: other "C" book ideas ::

Kitten's First Full Moon
The Little Auto (cars)
Cat in the Hat
The Hungry Catapillar
Calico & the Wonder Horse
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Tailor of Gloucester (cats)

~ Letter Study ~

C tracing worksheet from First-School Preschool Activites
C coloring page from Homeschool Creations

(thank you!!)

I was excited to find this playdough-letter printable over at Homeschool Creations.  It worked out perfectly for LM's lesson, and I'll definitely be including these in the rest of our units!

.:: Bible ::.

C is for Creation!

Several years ago, I made creation books with General and Rose (when they were in 2nd grade and pre-K!), and it turned out to be one of my favorite keepsakes from their early schooldays.  So I thought this would be the perfect time to make one for Little Monkey, too!

We used an old file-folder as the base for each of the pages...and I tied the book together using a thick piece of twine and some beads for decoration.

~ Day 1 ~

~ Day 2 ~

I had LM use watercolors to paint his sky, then he glued on a few paper clouds after it dried.

~ Day 3 ~

For the sky, we used some finger-painted paper leftover from LM's alligator craft.  The land is made from a paper grocery-bag, which I had LM crinkle up before gluing.

~ Day 4 ~

LM loved making this page!   Especially the rays for the sun - he insisted on gluing down each piece and then wanted to trim the sides all by himself :)  We used a piece of foil to make the moon.

~ Day 5 ~

Originally, I planned on using old magazines to have LM cut out pictures of birds for this page....but we had the hardest time finding any bird-pics at all!  Poor LM was getting a little worried about being able to finish his page, until finally I realized it would be very simple to just copy and cut out a few pages from our bird field guide.  I chose some of our local species - and the lesson turned out to be a nice little nature study, too :)

~ Day 6 ~

~ Day 7 ~

This is my favorite page :)  I asked LM what should be in our picture of God resting....and he had some very specific ideas!  LM thought we should make a special bedroom, just for Him....complete with a bed, a Bear With Ribbons (LM's name for his teddy-bear), a dresser for His clothes (lol!), and a clock.  And His bed would really need a big pillow and a big blanket.  So we made a special bedroom just for God :)

.:: C is for Cats ::.

Coloring page from First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts

We made a Calico Cat Paper Craft - another cute magnet for my fridge :)  I posted instructions for this craft here.

After reading If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, I thought it would be fun to make some Cat Cupcakes of our own!  I pinned the idea for these adorable cupcakes a few weeks ago, and have been searching everywhere for large nonpareil candies to use for the cheeks ever since.  We ended up using a box of Mini Snowcaps instead, which still turned out pretty cute, I think :)  We had so much fun making these!!  (And eating them, lol!...)

.:: Letter C Recipes ::.

Cut-out Cookies in the shape of Cars, Cats and the Letter C!  (I posted more pics here.)

Little Monkey also made a treat of Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Candies (I posted about these here), yum!

.:: Letter C Workbox Activity ::.

During this unit, I put together our first workbox - a simple Counting and number-recognition activity.  (Posted here, including instructions).  It turned out to be very helpful and a lot of fun to use, for both Little Monkey and me :) I'm hoping to include more workbox activities as we move along through these units.

.:: Other C-Week Fun ::.


This Castle set was a gift to LM for Christmas this year - and it has quickly become the new favorite toy for just about everyone (including Daddy and General!).   I put it away for a couple weeks (I try to rotate our sets of toys, so everything isn't out at the same time) and all the kiddos were excited when I brought it out again, in time for this unit!

:: A few other ideas on the list, that we didn't have time for ::
(We'll save these for next time around!) 

Crazy 8's
Hi Ho Cherry-O

We'll be taking a short break from Alphabet Time, since we have lots going on next week for Valentine's Day.  But I quite a few ideas lined up for our letter D....and I really can't wait to get started!  If I have time over weekend, I'm hoping to add these to my Preschool Pinboard.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. What cute ideas! I love the creation book for the letter "C" - you have so many neat activities. :)

  2. love love love love love love love love love!

    Did I mention i love this? I haven't been reading many blogs lately, but this popped up on Pinterest today -- and it was YOU! i have so enjoyed reading all these things! Yay for Art Mama!! (now, come rub your arty mojo off on my a little!)

  3. So many Cute, Creative, ConstruCtive aCtivites to aCComplish. The Creation story book is definitely a keeper to make you smile and Cherish in later years. My fav is the Castle. I LOVE when the kids zone into brainstorming, building, Creating and playing with what they've made. Btw, I notiCed PiCkles, the Fire Cat book!!! I read that when I was little. Squirt/Killer is SO like PiCkles!

  4. Fun, fun, fun. I want to come to your house!!!! :-)

    It takes a lot of time, effort and love to put all of this together and then follow through and teach all of it with patience!!!!

    Good Job Mama!!! Good Job!!

    I love all of your C selections!!!

    Such an inspiring fun post!

  5. Awesome! Loooove the creation book idea! You are so creative. :)


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