Friday, February 10, 2012

Calico Cat Paper Craft

For our Alphabet Time "C" Week craft, we made a paper Calico Cat....a cute craft with lots of cutting and gluing practice for Little Monkey!

I found the original idea over at this blog.

Here's what we did:

First, I cut out a rectangular piece of heavier-weight paper, about 5x7."  Cardstock or cardboard would work well....I had an old file-folder on hand, so I just used that.

Next I had Little Monkey start cutting out little pieces of patterned paper (I helped him finish :).  We mostly used scrapbook-paper scraps leftover from other projects...but wrapping paper, plain construction paper, or even real fabric scraps are other ideas.

 Then he randomly glued paper pieces all over the rectangle-base, overlapping them a little bit.

I drew a template of the cat-shape, and traced it onto the back of his base-paper (for my records - as well as for anyone who might not want to free-hand a cat shape! - I made a copy of my template which you can print out here.)

Then he cut out the cat...

Finally, we added some eyes...(we used googley eyes, but black paper circles would have worked well, too!).....and a stick-on magnet to the back.

So now I have an alligator and a cat magnet for my fridge...I think I may end up with quite a collection of cute fridge decor by the time we're finished with these preschool units!

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