Friday, February 24, 2012

A Children's Easter Bible Study :: Update & Printables

Last year, I put together this little Bible study of the life of Jesus, for my family to use during the weeks leading up to Easter.  We enjoyed it very much, and it's something I'd like to continue with my children through the years!  An Easter tradition.

It's a very simple study, inspired by the lovely "Jesus Tree" devotions you can find online or put together from a kit.  Each day we read one story from Jesus' life - walking with Him, hearing His words and learning from Him.  Right on up through the events of His final week on earth....His death, and His resurrection - while at the same time, we are observing these events in our own lives, on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  (I explained more about the study in my original post!)

This year, I've made a few changes in the readings, tailoring them to fit my family....and so it is just different enough, that I hesitate anymore to call this study a true "Jesus Tree."  But it is very close.

The main difference is in the number of readings.  Instead of beginning the study on Ash Wednesday (since my family doesn't observe that day), I've chosen to start the readings on the "Sixth Sunday" before Easter (also the First Sunday in Lent).  I've updated the reading-list to reflect this change, and I think this new one should be much easier to follow (last years' list was a bit complicated!).

The new ornaments are hand-drawn....and have been prayerfully created with the hope that they might inspire my children's hearts and minds, as we ponder together the beautiful life of our Savior.  I hope they might be a blessing to you, too :)

For the actual tree, last year we made a simple paper banner using kraft-type paper and pretty wrapping paper.  Then we glued our ornaments onto the tree as we read through the stories.  It worked out very well...and we may end up making another paper tree as we go along this year!  But since we still have our twig-tree assembled from our Christmas Countdown Tree (and our Thankful Tree before that...), we're going to get started using this instead:

An old pickle jar, a few twigs from the backyard, a scrap of white cloth for the bow, and our collection of pinecones (some were collected from outside, and some came from old Christmas decor - the ones with the white "snow" on them).  I love the simplicity of these twig-arrangements, but I'm not sure if it will be big enough for forty ornaments in the end.  Which is why we may end up switching to a paper tree.  :)

Here are the links to the new reading list and the first three pages of printable ornaments.  I'm still preparing the final ornaments, and will be posting them over the course of the next week or two.  Which is almost a promise....  Of course, in the event that something major should come up which prevents me from posting in time, I can promise that last year's printables will still work with the new list.  The old pictures just won't match the new ones in style. :)

I'll also be adding a new button in my sidebar or a tab, sometime soon, to make it easier for you to find everything.

Click here for the Reading List.

Ornaments for Days 1-6

Ornaments for Days 7-12

Ornaments for Days 13-18

Ornaments for Days 19-24 are posted here.

Ornaments for Days 25-30 are posted here.

Ornaments for Days 31-36 are posted here.

Ornaments for Days 37-43 are posted here.

Enjoy and have a blessed Lent and Easter season!

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  1. Thank you for the printables. :-)

  2. A beautiful idea, Collette. And thanks for the free printables!
    Many blessings,

  3. Collette, this is just beautiful. Your kids are so blessed :>)

  4. This is such a great idea - I am stealing :) I think Aud is at the perfect age to start something like this, and since I don't have all those creative juices I have to get my ideas from people like you. We walked today and got sticks and pinecones for our "tree" so I'm excited to start the reading and coloring with her soon. Thanks again!

  5. You're all very welcome! :)

    Sarah, I'm so glad you guys can use them! The kiddos are going to be really excited to hear that Aud doing it, too :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! We did the Jesse Tree from A Holy Experience at Christmas and I've been searching for an Easter devotional. Thank you for linking up at Women Living Well. What a blessing your hard work will be to many families - including mine! :)

  7. Oh - I can't wait until my boys are old enough to do these kind of things!! Thank you for sharing. I'm bookmarking this so I can do it next year. Popping over from Living Well Wednesdays.

  8. Very nice! I have been searching for a new way to connect our girls with Jesus. This is perfect timing for us.

  9. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you! We do the Jesse Tree at Christmas and love it.


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