Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crochet Update :: A Mother-Daughter Yarn Along

A few weeks ago I posted about Rose's new Crochet Tutorial DVD....that we've both been enjoying very much ;)  After Rose completed her potholder project, we both learned the next stitch in the process (double-crochet) and have been having a lot of fun working on some pretty scarves.  Both are about three-quarters of the way finished...and I'm really hoping for some cold winter-y weather so we can try them out soon!

I bought this pretty blue-and-green yarn for Rose, not realizing its texture would be difficult to work she has graciously let me use it for my scarf. ;)  I had a hard time working with it, too....I'm pretty sure our hooks must be too small for this variety.  SO, I found only large hook we had in the house (which is really thick!) and decided to just experiment and see how it all turned out!  As you can see, it's making a very loose/chunky design...but I like it.  I'm thinking it will make a nice scarf/shawl, very snuggly and warm.

I haven't had very much time for books lately, so my reading this week has been very practical.  I'm still working through The Imitation of Christ, which is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites....and I will probably end up keeping this one on my nightstand permanently!  Also, I've been re-reading Larry Burkett's Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples.  My hubby & I attended one of Burkett's seminars (at my church) before we were married - newly engaged!  It's always been a tremendous help to us, as far as finances are concerned....and I've never found anyone that can explain the process of keeping a cash-budget system quite like Burkett does.  Not exactly fun reading, but good never-the-less. :)

Rose is excited to be joining in the fun today, too!  She's been working so hard on her sweet little scarf, and it's been wonderful to watch her learn and grow in confidence as we work through these projects.  The yarn is a rich raspberry-pink and olive green, which of course looks like a ball of random colors in an 8-year-old's eyes.  So you can imagine her delight every time a new stripe shows up in the scarf!  ("Mom, look - another stripe!!")  I can't tell you how much joy this Mama has had, working through our first little projects together.....and we're making a long list of more things to try. :)

Excited to be linking up for the first time with Ginny over at Small Things!



  1. Love the way you scarf is looking -- nice and floofy and soft -- pretty color too. And your littles is just precious!

  2. Love these gorgeous scarves!
    I neeeeed to learn this happy little skill.
    Thanks for sharing your progress and tell your girlie what a fantastic job I think she is doing!

    1. You know, its kind of funny....I sort-of learned how to crochet when I was a girl, but never really "got it," and so I've always just been intimidated by all yarn crafts. Until we got this tutorial - maybe it's because I can rewind & re-watch as often as I need ;) I am amazed at how easy crochet really is!!! SO, if you are interested in learning how - I really recommend this DVD, she makes it so simple to understand.

      (LOL - maybe I should add to my posts that I am NOT receiving anything for all this advertising, I really just LOVE the DVD, haha)

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Collette! The colors are gorgeous! :)

  4. My gracious, they are BOTH lovely projects!

    beautiful colors and oh how I love to see that a mama and her daughter are working alongside each other.

    And I have a feeling our Lord is greatly pleased too;)

    Yarn Along my friends!!!


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