Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little backyard bird count

We filled our feeders and waited.....

and waited....

At first it seemed we wouldn't have any birds to count this year.  For three days, there wasn't a feather to be seen.

But on the very last day, our faithful little friends were back to visit!

And very kindly let us count them.

And take a few pictures. :)

Even with my two littlest bird-watchers nearby, who haven't quite mastered the art of whispering just yet.  And one enthusiastic Peanut, who can't help but clap and cheer whenever he sees a "tweet!" on the feeder by the window.  :)

They weren't many, but they were our favorites.  Four chickadees.  A pair of cardinals.  Six goldfinches.

And even a surprise guest we rarely get to see around our house....

... one nuthatch.

We also unofficially heard a few robins chirping off in the distance.  They weren't seen, so they couldn't be counted.  But we're counting them for our own little nature observations - I can't remember the last time I heard robins here in February!  Spring must be coming soon...

 This was our first year to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count.  And let me tell you, it was wonderful to take a small part in a study like this!  And not just for this nature-loving Mama, but for my scientific General right on down through my littlest as well.

 If you've never visited their website, you should pop over and take a peek as the tallies come in!  You can even search by your zip code to see what's been counted so far.

We're marking our calendars for 2013!


  1. great shots Collette!

    It looks like your family had loads of fun with this.

    I'm marking my calender too!!!

  2. I'm so glad to have read your post... how encouraging to hear of possible springtime and to see your feathered friends. And m a y b e robins nearby? You've made my day. Your photos are fabulous, btw. And thanks to the cheering Peanut for my smile today :>)

  3. Oh how fun! My husband and I are big bird watchers. Not too much activity around here lately. We have a cardinal that sticks around and a few nuthatches. We call the nuthatch 'spaz' because he is always darting around. He is so cute! :)


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