Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real :: Baking Cookies

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This week we've been working on our preschool unit study of the letter "C".... and for our kitchen project, we made Cutout Cookies, using Cookie Cutters in the shape of a Car, Cat and of course the letter "C." :)


A pretty pan of cookies, ready to go in the oven....all cut out and sprinkled by two sets of very cute, very little hands!


I don't think there are many things that can make two little boys any happier than baking yummy cookies!

Peanut hadn't gone down for his nap, yet, when we started baking.   So of course he wanted to help out, too....oh, the joy!  He heard me say to Little Monkey, "Okay, and NOW it's time to make some cookies...." and he had already climbed up onto the counter before I even brought the supplies out.  You can see the little smile on his face....before we began, he waited (on the counter, lol!) so patiently - I wish I had been able to capture his excitement with my camera, it was so sweet!

Normally I wait until Peanut is napping before working on any projects with the older three, because I figure he's still too small to help out....BUT.  He surprised me in the way that he was able to handle the cookie cutters and even plop the cookies onto the sheet.  And, the amount of JOY written all over this little guy's face, as he helped out with the cookies, melted this Mama's heart!

Two sets of very happy little hands.


A flour-covered Peanut got some laughs out of his siblings by holding the cookie cutter in his teeth like a doggie (LM is off to the side making barking noises....)  The older two were telling him to "drop it" (yes, like they say to and of course, Peanut wouldn't let go.  :)


By the time we were done, we had made a real mess! :-)  (It's too hard to tell from this picture - I should've taken one of my floor!!)  We also all had a really good time and made some really special memories. :)

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  1. Looks like such fun!! I've been considering buying the letter cookie cutters for a while and just alway seem to put it off. I think you just sold me : D

  2. I can think of one thing that possibly could make them happier than baking cookies... eating them, too :>) Looks like merriment is alive and well in your home! Save some for Aunt Karen. She's thinking of coming to visit soon... maybe next Wednesday or Thursday? p.s. Did you know aunt Karen's first word wasn't mama or dada? It was cookie.

  3. Oh, Collette, you always capture these moments so beautifully! I wish I had two awesome (and adorable) cousins to help me make cookies. Alas, I have to make them myself...of course, that means I eat them myself!

    Also! I had been admiring your planner as you kept posting more and more pieces about it... so I finally made one myself! I made my own weekly pages based off yours-- but with more space for writing down homework assignments and things. I posted a couple (poorly taken) pictures of it on my tumblr, if you'd like to see:

    PS: I hope the General is making good headway in those books I loaned him! He'll be able to best me in Star Wars knowledge all too soon...

    1. Hi, Christie!!

      LOL....ANY TIME you are in town & need some cousins to bake some cookies with - you just come on over!! Consider it a permanent invitation! :)

      I just took a peek at your planner pics - and it turned out so cute!! I love how you were able to customize your own pages to fit your assignments and the specific things *you* have going on to plan! I'm so glad my posts were helpful to you! I'm glad you shared your pics, too...every week when I bring out my binder to make my plans, I'll be thinking about you & will say a little prayer for your week, too :)

      And yes...General devoured the books within the first week, I think! Thank you so much for letting him borrow them! He has been reading through a SW weapons/aircraft (?) encyclopedia......and has mentioned more than a few times that Christie might not know *these* facts, lol... :)

      Hope you have a great weekend!
      Aunt Collette

  4. I love.
    love those alphabet cookie cutters!

    such wonderful memories you are making collete:-)

  5. Awesome. I know my boys loved making cookies this week with our letter c week. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower.


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