Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ Valentine's Day

Capturing the context of contentment in daily life.

~ pretty ~

...twelve beautiful roses from my Valentine, my one true love, my sweet and thoughtful husband!...

~ happy ~

A not-so-healthy fun surprise Valentine lunch for my children - which made them pretty happy!  On the menu...heart-shaped pbj's, yogurt mixed with raspberry preserves & sprinkles on top, carrots in heart-shaped muffin cups (the sides are pinched into a heart ;), and hot-dog hearts (I saw the idea for those here.)

A special treat of cranberry-apple juice with cute heart-straws, a fun Valentine gift from Aunty Karen that my kids have really been enjoying!  (Thank you!!)

And sweet pink cupcakes for dessert :)

~ funny ~

Once again, my silly Peanut stole the show with his antics at the table!  We usually don't allow him to carry on this way during mealtimes (really!)....but then again, he doesn't often get to sit right at the table, in reach of all the food!  He was having so much fun amusing his siblings and his Mama that I decided to snap a few pictures instead...and besides, it was a special Valentines lunch :)

So what does a silly Peanut do with a napkin?  (Remember, he doesn't usually get to have one of these!)  Well, first he examines its texture by seeing if it will tear....and then he blows his nose, of course!  Notice, too, all the hotdogs on his plate - he quietly helped himself while the rest of us had our eyes closed during the prayer & I think he would've taken the whole platter if I'd let him!

Carrots dipped in raspberry-yogurt delight...yum?!

~ real ~

A compassionate big brother cheered up a sad Little Monkey, later on in the day (when LM was a little over-tired from too much sugar and a missed nap!) by sharing his cookie.  This fast-growing boy of mine sure knows how to melt his Mama's heart!

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  1. my gracious.
    you encourage me to go above and beyond!

    love it all collette.

  2. Wonderful ideas, Collette! And beautiful pics, as always. :)

  3. Hi Collette! this is my first visit to your beautiful blog. I am visiting from Like Mother, Like Daughter. Those cupcakes look divine. I think I amy have to bake a few today. LOL! Can't wait to stop in again. Have a fabulous day!

  4. Hello,
    You have beautiful ideas, very inspiring. I just discovered your blog from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

  5. What a happy, special day! They must feel loved! I'll have to do the hotdogs for Justin! And wow - beautiful roses from your valentine ♥ ♥

  6. What a fun Valentine's Day!!!!

    Completely filled with love. :-)

    Great pictures.

  7. Wow, Collette! Such creative and lovely ideas! I love all the hearts...and your beautiful red roses!


  8. I'm catching up on my blog reading today and oh my, what a nice spread you all had. I also love your new header just perfect for the season :D


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