Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Book Basket

Things are going to be busy this week, as we're getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day with three parties this year!  Tomorrow we'll have a love-ly :) day at home, celebrating as a family....then on Wednesday, we invited the cousins over for a fun little party.  Except for General and Rose, all of the children are pre-school aged and younger - and they're just getting old enough to plan fun little get-togethers like this!  It's always so cute to watch them.....and with five energetic little boys between the ages of 20 months & barely 4 years, it's always a hoot!  Lastly, on Friday, our homeschool group will be having our first-ever Valentine's Party (very exciting!), which I'll be planning the snacks and crafts for.  :0)  So things will be busy, yes....but a lot of fun, too!

One thing I really want to do this year, is to work on building up our little library of picture books - especially to go along with celebrating the holidays.  Right now, we don't have any books at all for Valentine's Day....and since I still have some Amazon gift cards to put to good use...over the weekend I did a little research and ordered a few titles.  (I absolutely LOVE Amazon Prime....the free 2-day shipping has come in handy WAY more often than I care to admit, lol!)  Thankfully, three of the four books I liked were available to ship right away - and are due to arrive tomorrow! (The fourth will be here on Wednesday.)  I think my kiddos are going be surprised and excited to have a package show up just for them on Valentine's Day  ;)

Here's what I ordered....I haven't read them before, but they were highly recommended - and they all look great from the reviews I read.

And now I'm off to get started on some cleaning and Valentine's baking....I'm hoping (if all goes well!) to be back later with a few of our crafts and ideas for the week.  In the meantime, I've pinned them (and lots more, lol!) on my Valentine's Day board - if you're looking for any last minute ideas :)

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Have a Love-ly morning!

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  1. I love reading and collecting holiday books. These look good! Let us know how the kids liked them :>)


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