Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Mailboxes

This Friday, our homeschool group is having a Valentine's party - something that both my children and I are looking forward to very much!  Yesterday afternoon I counted up the rsvp's, to let all of our Mama's know how many cards their children will need to prepare...and so far, we're expecting 46 kids at the party!  It's pretty exciting to see our little group growing so - we first began (last year) with four families (including mine) and sixteen children, altogether.  It's been wonderful to meet so many homeschooling families - both for my kiddos and for this Mama :)

I saw these sweet homemade Valentine's boxes over at Shower of Roses...and thought this would be a neat little craft to do with my children before Friday's party (each child needs to bring a mailbox or something to collect their cards).  I just love how they are made from simple things we all have on hand - just cereal boxes and decorative paper!  And they were easy to put together; older kids could probably even do them on their own.

Jessica has created a lovely tutorial for these, so if you're interested in making these boxes - be sure to visit her blog to see her instructions!  Her mailboxes turned out beautifully, and are sturdy enough use again year after year.

We didn't have any mod podge or hot glue on hand, so ours are a little different (and not so sturdy.... they'll probably only last for this year)...and I also made our box flaps a little differently, too.  Since a few Mama's have asked about how we made them, here's a few pics of our variation on the craft.

~ Materials ~

A cereal box, some decorative paper, glue & scissors....and anything else you might like to embellish your  mailbox.  I ended up having my children pick out some scrapbook paper for each of their mailboxes (just a note here - the thinner paper was much easier to work with than the card-stock weight variety!).  But I was also thinking that wrapping paper would work great too.  Or (especially for my boys) maybe to use newsprint, and then glue on some red hearts cut out of construction paper....very cute!

~ Preparing the Box ~

First I cut off all of the top flaps.  Then I cut off the the back of the box (the side facing up, in the picture), about halfway down.  At that point the box looked like it was just missing half of one side.  Next I cut across the short-sides (at the same point, about halfway down the box), leaving them attached to the remaining side.  Lastly, I cut squares into the top corners so when you fold it all over, it will form a lid.  (I am not explaining this very well, LOL!  It really is much simpler than I'm making it sound....)

Fold the top of the flap over like this.... and when you stand your box up you'll see how it all makes a lid. :)

We just used tape to hold the corners together...

On my first box, I forgot to leave the side flaps in place (I cut them off altogether) and it ended up making a flap that looks like this (below).  Very simple, and still cute.  See, you can't go wrong! ;)

Once the boxes were ready, we just trimmed and glued the paper to the sides.  I used a LOT of glue (Elmer's), almost like decoupaging, especially around the edges and corners of the paper.   (I added a thick layer of glue all around the edges & over the top of the paper, to seal the edges down.)

I loved how the original boxes at Shower of Roses had cute bows and ribbon decorations, so I gave it a try with the Elmer's glue (instead of hot glue).  It worked fine for the ribbon, but I think I will have to use hot-glue (or try Tacky glue) for the bows, since they keep popping off :)

The flap on Peanut's box didn't want to stay closed on its own, so I sewed a button onto the front to hold the flap down.  Rose let us borrow a piece of her yarn to make the loop (thank you!).  I attached the yarn underneath the flap with tape, then covered it all with paper.

~ Our Finished Boxes ~

...for Little Monkey and Rose...

...for General and Peanut...

Now we just need to get busy making some more Valentine cards, lol! ;)

I have many sweet pics to post from our Valentine's Day, and also from our little party this morning with all of the cousins....hopefully I'll be able to post them soon!

In the meantime, have a beautiful Wednesday!



  1. they are great!
    and I'm bookmarking them for next year;)

  2. LOVE this! They are absolutely adorable ♥


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