Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Ornaments & A Family's Faith

It's another beautiful morning (well, almost afternoon...) here in Illinois.  A little chillier than it was last week, but I'm always thankful for every sunny day we receive this time of year!  Things have been unexpectedly busy around our house these past few weeks, since the summer-like weather made my yard and garden spring to life, all of a sudden.  We had a lot of cleanup and prep work to do....not that anyone minded getting out in the warm sunshine. :)  Roses needed tying, weeds pulling, old leaves removing, perennials transplanting, beds preparing, seeds planting.

With all of this early spring gardening going on, I've been reminded of a beautiful quote by Maria Trapp - a lovely soul who has been an inspiration to me.  In her book, Around the Year with the Trapp Family, (a treasure I was blessed to stumble on at a garage sale for 25 cents!) she shares how keeping the rhythms of the Christian seasons strengthened her family:

"When we finally reached the hospitable shores of this country, we arrived in New York City, the fourteen of us, possessing a total of four dollars.  Most of us knew no English and we had no relatives or friends on this vast continent.  We were real refugees and we were really poor. 
Or so we thought!  Soon we were to discover the surprising news that although we had no money, we were not poor at all.  The Heavenly Father, Who had done the transplanting, had left all of the necessary dirt around the roots.  The inner environment of the tree, that part which is hidden from the eye, had not been touched : our family life, as we were used to living it around the year, went on undisturbed as before.  Every day found us gathered around the altar in the morning, then trying to find and live the Will of God as it showed itself in each particular day to each one of us until we met again together for evening prayer and blessing; then there would be Sunday, celebrated by manifesting more love of God and love of neighbor; and the weeks would pass, and the rhythm of the year of the Church, with all its moods and rich meanings - the happy expectancy of Advent, the fulfillment of Christmas, the sorrow of Lent and Holy Week, the glory of Easter and Pentecost - would become a powerful force in our daily life.  In this "school of living" the Church teaches her children how to celebrate.  In it one learns how to turn family days such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, and even funerals into feasts celebrated in the Lord.
 Storms, sometimes gale-size, may trouble the crown of the tree, but as long as its roots are firmly imbedded, the healthy tree will weather many a tempest.  And not only that!  It will share its own well-being with all the ones who need its cool shade for protection from the heat of noon."

Here is the next page of ornaments for our Lent/Easter devotion.  May God bless you and your families as you continue to ponder His beautiful Life, in this season of the Faith!

At home this week, we'll be rolling up our sleeves and getting busy on our spring cleaning and organizing.  But I'm still hoping to find some time, in the next few days, to catch up on my posting much to tell!  Our Alphabet Time D-Week, Little Monkey's birthday, our happy little garden, a few spring recipes.....and also a few things that have been on my heart.

So, until later.....
Have a Beautiful, Joy-filled week!



  1. Collette,
    Your blog and photos are always so beautiful!
    And, such an ispiring book and post.
    Love those garage sale treasures!
    Also...I always have so many things I want to share on my blog. Ideas, recipes, fun stuff, heart stuff, school, the garden....
    I just run out of hours!
    Happy wonderful week to you.
    Love, Kristin

  2. What a beautiful read.

    Thank you for sharing what is on your heart.

    I have never done a study so much as I have this year regarding Jesus' life and Easter. I feel closer than ever to Him. So many things now have new meaning, and so many other things I now find trivial and not necessary. The simple things... God's Love, Family, Our Salvation through Him, The FACT that He IS risen. This is what matters.

    Enjoy these beautiful spring days and the warmth of the Lord.
    Love Carissa

  3. Yay! I am typing on the run, so that's all I got, but yay for it all!

  4. Hi, y'all, from Alabama! I absolutely adoooore your blossom photos! (*read with gracious southern lady's drawl.) I really do like the photos, especially the first one in the vase. Thanks for posting Maria's exerpt. It's good to remember that with the Lord's love and the love of family, we can grow - rooted in God's love - wherever He decides to plant us. Maybe He will decide on Alabama for us.... ♥


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